Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Alive

I find that the song " Still Alive " From Portal is running through my head as I type this during my lunchbreak at work. After reading a few comments about rather or not I still remain in this mortal coil, I've decided to make a small post about any updates with myself and a type of ETA of when the site will resume normal functions and the like.

Well, my new job goes well and I'm making more money then before, which is <3.> I've become hooked to the Deathknight class and just recently got mine to 80 and starting to do heroics and get epic gear.

In short I'm having a lot of fun, though I miss writing desperately. The only kind I have been doing o late is trying to gather notes together to write a small novel idea that's been stuck in my head for several months.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to write an entire article about something that went through my head when my group and I went through Oculus. This was the first time any of us had went to the instance, and none of us bothered to look up the fights. Needless to say, we died a few times on a few of the bosses, but had a blast figuring out what to do.

Well that's that for now. I'm sorry for the lack of posting, but know that I got 2 epics today for my deathknight, so huzzah for me? (Epic belt from H Nexus, and Epic legs from H UK.)

Oh, and while I get beat the crap out of by others I'm sure, my DPS is 2.5ish k in heroics. Rawr.
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