Saturday, December 13, 2008

Richard Bartle fights World of Warcraft Torture

A few weeks ago Richard Bartle, co-author of the very first MMO known as MUD(Multi-User Dungeon), took up arms against Blizzard for the "The Art of Persuasion" quest in World of Warcraft. The quest involves using an item called a Neural Needler upon some chained up wizards to get some information. He was then immediately swarmed by trolls/flames/insults/etc in comments and emails upon his complaint toward Blizzard for the use of torture.

A week later he responded to a large number of comments, even those of the trollish variety from Kotaku. You can read his original post here and him defending his position here. I have to say a large number of the comments really make me pause about the apathy of gamers.

Author's Note - You may read my FULL post over at NegativeGamer . It's a great site...because I said so.

World of Warcraft Sex...wait...WHAT?!

A very enlightening post by Tenfoldhate has given me the shock of the day. While this HAS to be some type of prank, part of my soul tells me it's not. I wouldn't be surprised to find that is a completely legitimate proposal. Has World of Warcraft invaded our mainstream life so much that there are now fetishes about it?!

My god..

At least there are not television shows and movies with brief cameos of the game just to give nerd smiles..

*Goes to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still...*

Paladin, Stranglethorn Vale. Watch the movie and you'll understand what I mean.


WoW has taken over our lives.

You can read the full "request" here at Craigslist . I would advise that it contains strong language and isn't for kiddies. You have been warned.

Dream of Mirror Online - My first day..

I wish I was this cool in real life..

It seems I'm now playing another Aeria made game, Dream of Mirror Online aka DOMO. As one can see immediately, the graphics are very stylized. I'll get right into what I like and what I don't like so far then talk about my first encounter with the game in a more goofy way. Which is how I think one should play this game in general, in a goofy carefree way. I must say the game itself felt very laid back. If this changes as one proceeds further I'll have to find out personally. Anyway...

The graphics are surprising in the quality once you turn all the features full blast. While I thought the UI was a lot better than MegaTen*which is weird..Aeria games made that too..come on people!* I didn't like how I apparently I can only turn around with the camera. I know the majority of players like to strafe with their A and D keys, but I prefer to use them to turn around. I'm weird like that. The sounds were ok, nothing to write home about. The music however I didn't like in the starting area but I can turn that off. The combat was pretty simple starting right off, but fun regardless. From what I've gathered once you've hit level 10 as a commoner there is a lot more variety in combat and customizing class abilities so I'll have to reserve judgement until then.

So the game itself is pretty fun, laid back, and quirky. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a non-serious MMORPG to try to get into. Now on to my experience...

I'm too lazy to hold my knife...just like real life!

The game begins by some old guy stealing me into this dimension, which is just plain creepy. Apparently this world is some crazy mirror dimension of my previous one. So apparently it's ok to steal thousands of people from their home world to MAKE them fix yours..I think..wait...
Afterwards I'm told I will be a cold, apathetic, and just overall jerk by this old guy who calls himself a King. I really ...really...really hate this guy now.

As if he reads my mind, he gives me a knife! Yay! However I'm told to kill some pupu to prove...something. I must still be confused from the whole soul ripping experience so I agree to kill these evil Pupu and end their tyranny..


Turns out the "evil" monsters known as Pupu are cute innocent little pigs. But that's ok, I was told to do this so I can't be held accountable. After slaying a few dozens of these mini-portals of death(even though I only needed to kill 5...I was multi-tasking and forgot how many I needed to kill), I went back to the old man. I was congratulated, given some items, and sent to his daughter.

Who is truly evil incarnate.

After her useless instructions, I went to another NPC who wanted me to kill FLYING pigs. I knew now I was in one of the lower layers of the Abyss, and might see Lloth around a corner if I wasn't too careful. However I held on to my sanity in this crazy world, and made the stabbity to the flying dreadnoughts. After killing five of them(Go counting!) I returned, got some more items, and decided that was enough for the night.

So I have to say DOMO is a fun little game. More fun than I imagined it would be at first glance I must admit. While it lacks the polish of many triple A titles, I think that lends partly to the care-free attitude of the game. It's a well constructed game that really leaves you free to do what you wish. So I'm going to do what I really want to do right now...

Even in sleep...I float...I'm just that awesome.

Friday, December 12, 2008

An MMO Experience : WoW in Calimshan

I've occasionally think about MMORPGs to the extent of what would I change? What have I liked and what would I like but haven't seen yet? Since most of these ideas are asinine to the point of madness, I'll only share some of them. It seems a lot of people are wanting a strong PVP element to their games, unlike the very limited one in older games such as EverQuest. However what we currently have in the terms of player vs player are nothing but rip offs from First person shooters.

We have Capture the Flag, Region Control, and "Team Deathmatch". While these ideas seem, to some, unique due to their placement in a different genre they are not. In fact they're boring. If I wanted to play CTF I would load up a shooter. So HOW could PvP be done in an MMORPG such as World of Warcraft or EverQuest 2?

I'm going to borrow SOME from City of Villians. Let guilds establish a guild hall that is in-game. The construction would be financed by the guild coffers, as would general upkeep. However have it be more dynamic than it ever before. Once constructed and placed in a city, have the guild leader have to sit upon his "throne" where a series of menus would appear. Building new defenses, hiring NPC guards with warriors being cheapest and mages,clerics,archers being more expensive. You can even put traps or magical wards, but they all cost money.

Where would the guilds get this cash? These guilds can do it in a number of ways. One is to send out "parties" to dungeons or other cities and acquire it by questing, like the general adventuring we MMORPGers already do. The group would do their own thing, and the guild would acquire an reward depending on the difficulty of the instance. However any wipes would deduct from said amount.

But there would be other ways. Have the guilds, if they are more evil inclined, to demand protection money from the local populace. These would be areas guilds would have to control and protect. If a guild does so, it would provide a slow but steady flow of income. I would love to see a game that blurred the lines of interaction with NPCs. Many games make everything that isn't a player character non-existent in the form of activity and interaction. Have them talk, cry out for help, or talk about the recent actions of players if they were noteworthy.

But what about the good guys? Have them, after acquiring help from the local authorities "raid" the guild halls or to combat a nameless third faction that is basically against both groups. The third NPC faction would be the force that simply wants to destroy towns utterly. If a town is utterly destroyed, both good/evil forces could work to taking back what was left, and rebuilding.
Whomever restored the area would then be able to decide how the town was rebuilt.

I would love to see an MMORPG give players the ability to edit their surroundings with a powerful editor to let them make their own little chunk in the world. This idea is just one I personally think sounds good in my head, and there is a lot of factors I'm not listing here just because it would take way too long and probably bore you..if I haven't already.

If your wondering about the title, I was constantly thinking of Calimshan when I had this idea. If you have no idea what I'm talking about it is a city in the Forgotten Realms fantasy world*If you know who Drizzt Do'Urden is then more than likely you know about Calimshan*

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough =). If you have any MMORPG ideas for various elements or just your own complete MMORPG idea slap a comment on here.

Aeria Games loves me..apparently.

Just got an email from Aeria games stating I won some holiday gift! Turned in the key they gave me and got free 200 points. What a nice company. Kudos Aeria!

Dreams of Mirror Online - Watashia wakarimasin

So I finally cave and downloaded Dreams of Mirror Online(DOMO!). So prepare to see some random character by the name of Danshir if you play this apparently quirky little game. Once I establish my dominance I'll post some kind of review or at least comment about the game. Tyrant Danshir has a nice ring to it...

So look for me! I'll probably be in a corner crying!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My World of Warcraft role models...

Role models in an MMORPG???

I was reading a very interesting post by Ixobella about how apparently people are saying World of Warcraft is too easy for "hardcore" raiders. Why? Because the guild Nihilum had already done all a raiding guild could do a day after the release of Wrath of the Lich King. That's right, One day later they had completed Naxxramas. Then there were two guys that apparently duo'ed a boss in Naxx all by themselves, a warrior and a paladin. So with these two facts in mind there are hosts of people screaming WoW is too easy, too catering to casuals.

But this isn't what made my vision distort from rage.

There is this quote going around...everywhere it seems now that I'm aware of it. The quote itself is filled with such narcissism that I want to start bashing heads in, immediately.

"The pro guilds are the heroes of World of Warcraft and the casual players look up to them.."

It then proceeds to talk about how unless Blizzard releases an "Epic" content patch just for the pro guilds, they will get bored and possibly quit. The reason this is such a loss*not financially to Blizzard, Hardcore guilds are roughly 5% the population* is that the casual players will LOSE THEIR ROLE MODELS. This is the ACTUAL wording these people are using!

Because two german kids exploited their way using invis pots past all the trash and made it to a boss and killed it. It took them over 3 hours and their bragging about it? Come on people, It's neat you could pull that off but to act like your role models to people because of these kind of virtual achievements is kinda disturbing.

Anyway, enough raging...these are the kinds of things that make me not play WoW anymore.

Urg...To think I used to lead raids...

An EverQuest Experience: Ding !

Ding 65! My beastlord Ahrimin is now the great level where one can buy a ton of insanely powerful gear. Which I did, go me. First char to 65 since my return..not that 65 means much these days.

EverQuest: A patch to fix the emergency patch that fixed that patch..

Yup! Apparently the emergency patch that fixed the recent patch in EverQuest needs an emergency patch! Servers are coming down in a few minutes and plan on being down for an hour by in-game GM announcements and 2 hours on EverQuest's forums.


They should just really say "It will be up when it's up..."

All EverQuest Live Servers (except Al'Kabor) will be brought down around 2:00am PST (PST is -8 GMT: 3:00am MDT, 4:00am CST, 5:00am EST, 10:00am GMT) on Thursday, December 11, 2008 for an Emergency Update. The servers are estimated to be down for 2 hours.

What MMORPG would YOU like to play?

My wife brought up a very interesting idea to me today. We see PLENTY of fantasy MMORPGs(nothing wrong with that), Sci-Fi to some extent, and other popular formats. Yet there are some PRIME settings for a online game such as the ones we love to play that are not being tapped into.

So, I made a new poll, and I want ya to vote. It's just a click. You move the mouse over to what you would like to play..and presto! Your done. Fall for my manipulations, please.

I'll discuss each idea here, and let you vote.

Zombies - Every game here in 2008 seems to think if you throw zombies in the mix, you have a winner. And why not? Zombies are a blast! However there is no undead MMORPG. Think Deadrising but MMO. The goal wouldn't be to grind for items, but to simply survive. Also, let players PLAY as the zombies, where the goal is to eat the brains of the humans. Obviously a more PvP oriented game.

Legacy of Kain Series - Since Crystal Dynamics dropped this game years ago, despite it being a great series, lets pick it up! Play as a vampire/human in Nosgoth. If you have no idea what the Legacy of Kain series is....think reallllllyy dark fantasy.

Underworld - Another dark vampire like theme. The storyline that was ripped straight from White Wolf wouldn't be a bad game. Werewolves would be beserking madmen and the vampires can fall down really well.

Apocalypse MMO - A modern set MMO in the not so distant future. Some type of event ruined the planet. If done right this could be a great concept. Or a horrid one.

All the weird funny ideas I can think of at this late hour. As you can probably guess this isn't a truly serious discussion. Yet there ARE some tidbits of genius here*not by me*. A zombie mmo would be very entertaining I think. While there ARE some browser MMORPGs with zombies *such as Dead Frontier * there isn't any with a bit higher production values.

Maybe next year on that.

Author's Note - While writing this I recalled hearing about a Zombie MMORPG being developed, but things kinda got real quiet about it. After researching for a few minutes, I found the website. Still no beta, still no release dates or any ETA, but still. Check it out at Exanimus

Shin Megami Tensei(aka MegaTen) Continued..?

I've been beta testing some more of MegaTen lately, despite me saying I wouldn't play the game for another week due to disconnects and such. I must say I'm finding myself enjoying the game despite that and the dreaded approach of monster grinding. Why? I'm really enjoying the combat, and just the very feel of the game. It's hard to put into words.

Atmosphere? Ambiance? It's the same urge that sucker punched me into EverQuest years ago, and made me stay up to the dawn hours just so I could get enough money for my spells(EQ was A LOT harder back then)

I STILL have complaints about MegaTen. FIX THE RUN SPEED PEOPLE. It should be raised at least 150%. Also, a bit more detail to the map/mini map. Other then that and a few other glitches/bugs one expects to be in a Beta I'm quite happy with it. I did tell everyone I was gonna play DOMO finally, but I'm glued to Shin Megami lol.

Maybe tomorrow.

EverQuest RMT patch needs emergency patch

Apparently someone fudged up, SOE is closing down EQ 1 servers early this morning for some emergency patching. Apparently Mercenaries are not rez'ing anyone. They have reported they will start rez'ing once pay has been increasing, health benefits, dental, and a list of other complaints.

SOE responds...

" Release.....THE HOUNDS! "

In other news, I had a huge case of Deja Vu while typing this. I'm not being sarcastic...very weird.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

EverQuest & EverQuest 2 goes RMT! And I fight it!

Why do I smell poo..

Recently Sony has injected the RMT into EverQuest and EverQuest 2. To those who have no idea what I'm talking about, you pay real money for virtual money to buy non-existant items. These can range from potions that give you increased exp gains from monsters, AA, unique graphics for armor/weapons, and other such in-game goodies. While there are quite a large amount of MMORPGs that run this kind of setup, most of them use this instead of subscription fees.

So does this mean EQ 1&2 will soon be MT MMORPGs? While I cannot speak for the changes in EQ2(Please talk to Tipa , she has all the lowdown on that) the changes in EQ1 are kinda bleh. It seems what Sony is hoping to cash in on is people paying for the 3 defiant armor pieces/1 defiant weapon package and EXP potions. While no player in their right mind will purchase the former, I foresee a lot of people doing the latter.

Yet I'm still PAYING for my EQ! If your going to introduce RMT then at least give me some kind of announcement that if this is successful you'll let me play for free. So in a frenzy of rage fueled by whatever drink happens to be at my desk, I decided to take my fury out on Sony itself! I asked my ooc channel where I could find HQ of Sony...and they told me it was..

I have to go in there....*holds his nose*

After I dove through the pipe filled with things I rather not discuss. I found myself in some strange crypt. However I didn't see anyone from SOE. I was betrayed by my own online community! I was shocked and stunned and covered in ooze. However I found to my surprize another trapped visitor. A gnome was apparently thrown in here by a bunch of Ogres. So, I asked for his aid...

Wait...why am I a satyr...what WAS that brown stuff...

Apparently I was looking in the wrong direction entirely! Thanks to this lil guys help I now knew where to find SOE's HQ. So I patted him on the head, gave him a cookie, and escaped. I hope he knows that red stone at the entrance is the zone out. Oh well. I began preparing my assault, and diving in the waters in the Plane of Tranquilty to clean myself. I'm sure Quellious won't mind.

So this is SOE...figures.

At last I found the gargantuan citadel of SOE. I must say I stood in awe of the monstrosity. This is what I would be fighting? I am but a sole Iskar. So I brought out my warder and suddenly I felt a lot better. That or the few swigs of liquid courage helped. Regardless, I charged on toward the gates drunk with power and...liquor. I wasn't too surprized that once I arrived at the gates a welcoming community had been made for me...

The guards at SOE were no match for my Kung Pow reenactment...

After defeating the two guards, I bravely walked up to the main gates. I knew now nothing could stop me. I felt silly for being afraid eariler. I mean, after all, one man CAN make a difference! Right? So I went up to the door....

And it was locked. W.T.F. After all this epic story I am left blinking at a door and shaking my fist at the giggling SOE employees. I kicked the door in frustration(Ow!Steel > Toe) and limped away in disgrace. I lost to a door.


Author's Note - I have nothing against SOE, they are swell people. So please take this article in the light it was made, humor. I also don't mind RMT personally unless it destroys the balance of the game. What do YOU think about it however? I know a lot of bloggers are discussing it, so it's a hot topic.

Not the store though, that's a different ...oh..Nevermind.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update..Kinda.

A few days ago ShackNews reported that the highly anticipated MMORPG(to me), Star Wars: The Old Republic would be a Micro-Transaction game. This apparently sent an uproar among the MMORPG community(a great example is the comments here at BrokenToys ). While EA came around and said it was all a big misunderstanding, the whole ordeal made me wonder. What is it about MT and F2P(Free to play) MMORPGs that upsets the community so? A lot of these arguments stem from the general stereotype that F2P and MT games are not of "Triple A" value.

Now was there an actual misunderstanding or did EA change it's mind after discovering the outrage by the community? The sheer rage by a lot of posts are truly confusing to my fragile little mind. Some stated that most F2P games have nothing but 12 year olds playing. I would like to point out Barrens chat to you in a tiny subscription MMORPG called World of Warcraft. Or trade channel, or ANY channel for that matter. While these "kids" may not be 12, but more like 18 and older...

So with EA silent about what type of payment model they will be using, I can only stare at my fellow MMORPG gamers in confusion. Did we just shoot ourselves in the foot here? We had a game being developed by Bioware, who's record of making brilliant games rivals some of the best, and when it was "misunderstood" as being a MT based game everyone freaks out? These kind of biased responses that can shift a game from being a paragon of awesome to crap kinda scares me. Considering the bully power that has been used on Blizzard before to make in-game changes, what else will change from start of production to release due to angry, confused, and misguided players?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An EverQuest Experience:

I'm sure there is something philosophical about all this...I think

I've spoken before of my brand spanking new bard, Danshir! So far I've been having a blast with him, though I've yet to wander into the territory that is charm kiting. Well, I've also discovered that while having a fungi makes one powerful, you are not invincible. Following the sacred path of fast experience points, I went to the hotzone for my level area(Before yesterday's patch) which was The Feerrot. A swamp infested Ogre land of evil. Yet I was lost in here, for all the creatures were grey cons.

Uhh...I think I'm lost...and yet I have a map...

So here I am, pounding my drum with some beat a guy named Selos made up, running like a madman. All the while yelling at the tops of my lungs, hoping to stumble upon my prey. After a good 20 minutes of wandering around while chatting to someone, I remember where the higher level monsters are. So I went bravely forward, without a sliver of fear. Why should I? I have a fungi...

Yay, blue cons!

I finally found monster my level, ranging from blue cons to red! With glee I decided to use some of the same tactics I've been using. However in the madness that the fungi laid upon me, I had forgotten some of the more basic rules of combat in EverQuest. Rules that keep you alive and prevent you from losing a nice chunk of exp(Which I found is a lot less then it used to be..). So I ran up to three of these Tae Ew..

I'm about to epic fail..just wait..

So I get the lovely bit of knowledge that I pulled a bunch of "paladins". So while they are constantly healing themselves, I'm trying to interrupt them with ye ol bard mez. The fight takes ages, keeping one mez'ed and trying to interrupt the other one before he can pull a heal and give him 20% more health. After what seemed an eternity I managed to kill one, then proceeded to stab the other. When I finally stopped the constant chain healing, he started to run away(ha!).

He ran into a whole temple load of the Tae Ew, several healers immediately healed my opponent. While a legion of warriors gave me the /rude and proceeded to charge. It was at this point I recalled I had a snare song, I just didn't bother to memorize it. I mean...I had fungi..why bother...

There is no such thing as being too twinked I found, as I was being lacerated and had to resort to running like crazy if I wanted to live. I felt like an idiot for not remembering some of the lessons EQ taught me years ago if you didn't want a good pull to turn bad. So the moral of this story that I ill constructed and lived?

Fungi is a bad thing.

Even after running away this far, I still had some monsters on me...I had like 12..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Comments must be moderated =(

Due to an increase of people leaving comments linking to sites with dupes,cheats, bots, and etc I'm enabling Comment Moderation. If you want to leave a comment, leave COMMENTS, not a horrid swarm of crap links.

Thank you.

To those that post comments with intelligence, I'll make sure to approve your comments as soon as possible. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

Leadership and Ninjas

...I thought we were rolling on tha....HEY!...

I cannot fathom that there is a single player of MMORPGs that has not experienced the horror that is a Ninja. If your new to the whole scene of online games, let me explain. A ninja(short for Ninja Looter) are people that will steal items from bosses/other mobs that would normally be rolled upon by the whole group. You will rarely see this during a guild raid, but PUGs(Pick Up Groups) and PURs(Pick Up Raids) are where you can see this pretty frequently. I've seen it in every MMORPG I've ever played, from EQ all the way to WoW. We will now discuss them, these evil jerks.

Things YOU can do to prevent Ninjas.

  1. Watch for someone looting nonstop, even as the group is fighting. While this isn't a guaranteed way of spotting a ninja, it's bad group conduct and can endanger the group. Mention it politely, sometimes people just don't pay a lot of attention to their surroundings and it could be an honest mistake.
  2. The Silent One. As cliche as it sounds, most ninjas I've come across never talked in group or responded to needing them to perform something, like crowd control. While there ARE some people that just won't talk to people for a variety of good/bad reasons, just keep a bit of an eye on them, especially if they're the leader of the group.
  3. If your grouped with someone that won't shut up about an item he's been trying to get for days from a boss your about to fight, if the item drops be careful of pilfering. I've seen this a few times especially at lower levels.
  4. Wait on rolling. Most good groups will have everyone pass if they're using WoW's built in dice rolling system for loot. This is what you SHOULD do so everyone can roll on loot when everyone is ready. However if for any reason you think there is a threat of ninjas about(shadows moving, that kinda thing?) wait to pass. Don't roll, but wait. If said ninja rolls by "accident" you can then ask the group if you can roll. Most groups will shout for you to do so, if anything to prevent the ninja from making off with the goods. Remember when doing this always ask the group, make your intentions clear, and be polite.

Sometimes however there is nothing you can do to prevent a ninja's vicious attack in your gullet as they take the goods. While World of Warcraft has some loot protection against ninjas, it's at best a paper shield. Some of the worst cases of loot stealing I've seen has been done by the leader of the group, who has full control over loot rights. If you've ever been fighting the end boss of an instance/raid and suddenly when at 1% health the loot is changed to Master Loot, you know what I mean. While this is more rare than the common Ninja, it is all too common if you play on a private server. So what can we do to combat these evil rogues?

A common occurrence...

Most people report these kinds of "accidents" and other forms of loot stealing to forums. There a large majority of players are warned by that persons actions. While this cannot stop the first occurrence, the player in question will quickly find themselves blacklisted from groups and guilds. Guilds also at times keeps lists of people to avoid and share that to their guildies on their websites. None of these or any measures I've found have stopped ninjas. What could the game developers themselves do?

What about a better leadership system? Why not have a VETO system. If the leader wishes to change loot rules after a time limit of say 10 minutes once the group has entered an instance or formed completely, he must get the approval of more than 50%(or more) of the other players in the group. This will completely axe any possible ninja action by the leader due to the other group members keeping him in check due to VETO. Without the approval of the group the loot remains the same, which means yay for those who are not losers.

Ok we have an idea of how to combat stealing by the leader, but what about someone rolling on items when the group asked to pass on an item? I propose giving the leader the ability to cancel any roll made as long as 2 other group members agree with the action. The scenario in the picture above wouldn't happen. Of course there would have to be like a minute delay between winning a roll and receiving the item to make this even remotely possible.

While these ideas are hardly perfect, they ARE ideas. While most people can get over these kind of griefers, they still ruin what would have been a perfectly good experience. Some stronger defenses should be put into place. If you have any ideas leave a comment on what you think game developers could do. Until then we can only report them to a GM, and hope SOME sort of action takes place.

Author's Note - No that isn't me playing WoW in that picture, just an image I found on the net. I don't play too much WoW these days.

I almost rather have a shuriken to the face then have an item stolen again..almost.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blade & Soul

Well this game completely slipped under my radar. Thanks to a great post by GuitarAtomik over at I found yet another game to drool over. Blade & Soul is a MMORPG currently being developed by NCSoft, makers of such famous MMORPGs such as City of Heroes. Sadly the game's website is in Korean so I'm unable to read it. Thankfully the pictures speak for themselves. The game is simply stunning. Both the graphics and combat are fluid, fast, and remind me of the pace of games like Ninja Gaiden.

Just a guess...M rating?

Apparently from what I've learned the game isn't turn based like most MMORPGs but more of an action game. Another turn away from it's MMORPG brothers and sisters is the focus on individual play and small groups. So don't expect any hardcore 60 man raids here. So far there are only two races available, the Jin(Swords and Sorcery) and the Gon(They use fists..). Traditional classes are going out of the window, instead opting for a more hybrid version so players can fulfill multiple roles. two swords versus....*starts counting*

Probably the neatest feature is the stereotypical "Wall run". Yup, you can run on walls just like all those nifty action games. While nothing is clear if this ability is limited to only certain areas, all races are able to pull it off. Hopefully this hints at more interactive environment for MMORPGs, adding a more tactical flavor to the genre. However if it's limited to just certain parts I think I'll make some tears.

So..I'm guessing there are dungeons..

One thing I've not heard heads or tails is the inclusion of instances and the like. Judging from NCSoft's past use in City of Heroes I'm going to judge yes. If the dungeons and other instances are as detailed at the picture above I may need to upgrade my computer some more. The Texture work is amazing for a MMORPG. However with graphics this powerful this game may actually backfire on them. With so many users having mediocre computers, many people will not be able to run this. After initial disappointment they might find themselves back in the arms of Blizzard or other MMORPGs with easier game requirements.


Only time well tell if this graphical powerhouse will be a contender against the current Lord of MMORPGs, World of Warcraft. Closed Beta is roughly scheduled for sometime in 2009. With Blizzard releasing an expansion a year so far it may have a hard time capturing the audience it needs to be a success. Until then, here is a video from YouTube showing the game in action!

An EverQuest Experience: A song of death..

28 song of total destruction...

Well, I got bored last night on my Beastlord. I didn't know if it was me itching to play some more Shin Megami Tensei or if I was just utterly tired of a pet class in a MMORPG. I've played two in World of Warcraft, one in EverQuest years ago, and one in EverQuest 2. However what to play? I've played every class save one to at least 50, and I detest doing stuff over again with nothing new to look forward to. What is the one class I've never tried? The Bard! Thus begins my journey...

However I couldn't start naked. I've made too many characters and leveled up too many times the slow way. So I decided to "twink" the living crap out of myself for giggles. As I was sitting there, thinking what do you even get a bard in terms of gear someone in the auction channel says..

" WTS Fungi tunic, pst! "

Is this fate? I've wanted a fungi tunic ever since I've heard about the item years ago in EQ, but could never afford it. I'm however no where near poor now, so I send the seller a tell asking about the price..

" Hey, how much for the fungi? "

"uhh...40k? "

...SOLD! I was expecting at least 50-100k, so I snatched that tunic up. Now knowing what to use as a chestpiece, I get a variety of cheap gear with a few decent weapons for my soon to be made bard. After about 30 minutes of shopping in Bazaar I finally get around to making my bard and transferring all the goodies over. I was expecting some near demi-god like power with the fungi at level one. I've never personally used one so I was quite excited to pull a few...thousand mobs.

You ever get that feeling...that your being followed...?

So I go out and pull every rat, bat, goblin, and spider I can find with my song Chords of Dissonance. A nice little PBAOE dot that attracted quite a few friends. However their taste of music was apparently foul, for they attacked me as soon as they heard a single note. So I keep running around like a madman. I heard somewhere that's all that bards do...but for some reason I doubt that. Anyway, when the dust settled a bit..

Training to be Fansy? Nahh...

I must say I had a ton of fun with this. I know it's wrong to twink a character so much and it kinda ruins the experience. However just this sheer amount of madness was a nice laugh and worth every piece of platinum. I think I'll try to be a good guy just like Fansy, minus training people for hours on end. Anyway, if you have any tips or tricks to give me to play a bard leave me a comment eh?

I have nothing witty to say here at all...bah!
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