Friday, June 26, 2009

Not Dead, and Not playing WoW

This shall be brief.

1. I"m not dead. I've recently got promoted at work and have a ton of other things to do now, but with more pay. Huzzah for that.

2. Part of the reason I've not posted is due to Internet issues at home *Thanks to a wireless USB adapter that has went insane.*.

3. I am resuming my old course. WoW is currently boring me so I'm wanting to return to my old wanderings of different MMOs. I'm a "WoW" tourist as Tipa mentions in one of her posts, however I may say I'm enjoying my vacation.

I'm currently playing Runes of Magic and S4, which I will post some pics up and talk about each of the games once I find enough time to do so. Until then...uhh...

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