Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mini-Update + Mini MMO Discussion

I'm about to play some ol "evil" Dungeons & Dragons, so there won't be an update until later tonight/early this morning. However just a quick "Here is what I've been doing.."

Raising lock picking is horribly boring, on par with fishing.

So for a small discussion while I go immerse my players into a fictional world of madness and despair (I'm such a nice DM), what is some of the most tedious activity you've done in an MMO but did so for the benefit it brings?

I bet most will answer with something else eh? ;)



  1. Dulak would be the only person I know of that got beg to 300.

    I would say Find Way or whatever the hell that skill was calling in EQ1. I'm talking BEFORE you were able to bind it to a key.

    Also camping an alt in some random far away zone that took 4 hours to get to just so I can watch for some random mob to spawn so I can kill it for my epic weapon. 2+ weeks of non stop watching 24/7.

  2. Ah, you would be talking about Sense Heading. I recall those days as well.

  3. Well, you sad not farming but I must mention that I'm a Lineage 2 player so thus I feel I have a right to complain about farming that others may not! (Though that bag 300 sounds particularly terrible)

    So then I would have to say... no you know I just can not think of anything. I love everything about MMOs!

    I mean everything I think of I sickly enjoyed. Buying and selling items on the market, yeah was slow sometimes took about 1 hour a day to do, but when I got that "kaching" of cash when I sold something it made it fun.

    And grinding, I do enjoy in some sick way.

    I suppose, the one thing, is raiding. I've never really raided very much but the couple I were on.. well let me say much lesbs exciting then I imagined and a lot more tedious!

    Oh wait! But no-it's coming back to me! EVE online! Yes, and EVERYTHING in that game is tedious.

  4. Thats very true. Eve is all about time wasting!

  5. Most tedious activity? Leveling chocobo digging in Final Fantasy XI. It's a "hidden" skill meaning it doesn't even give you feedback to let you know what level you are, when you have a skillup, or when you leveled it up. A zone you are in might be "dug up" meaning there's nothing to find, but you can't tell the difference between that and simply failing to find anything (which is common at low levels.)

  6. Dungeons & Dragons is great, an now is free!


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