Saturday, November 15, 2008

Initial Thoughts: Perfect World

One of the MMORPG's I haven't played but will review in the near future is Perfect World International. This is a very....anime-ish MMORPG that has, so far in my experience, ups and downs. While the graphics are NOT extraordinary, there are certain times where they truly sparkle.*Especially the water effects* However it plays just like WoW, but the leveling up system is slightly different with needing to level your character and receive stats * IE Diablo * and level your " Spiritual " self to increase ablities. I'll have a final review in about a week, which I'll then review Eve Online, the only space game that is worth anything at the moment. Also, I'll get all the data for a preview of a MMORPG I'm looking forward too. Star Wars: The Old Republic Online, being developed by Bioware, the Gurus behind Baldur's Gate/NeverWinter/Mass Effect, etc. I'll post some pictures of what they have so far!

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