Sunday, January 18, 2009

An MMO Adventure : Starting over...Again

I just got off the phone with a few of my old guild members from World of Warcraft. I have been missed apparently, and was asked to come back. I replied no, my account has long since passed away into the ether. Still, I was asked once more.

My answer was no, yet again.

I hang up, and sit there staring at the lovely page where I create articles that no one reads. While I do play Wizard 101, I really don't play anything else lately. Perhaps becauase I've been jaded and bitter toward MMOs of late due to a variety of reasons.

Yet how can I write about something if I don't experience it? How can I justify a website called The MMO Experience without me going out and doing just that? It's a riddle I don't like to contemplate too much. So I thought about resurrecting my EverQuest 2 account and playing with Tipa and my other fellow bloggers that are really a group of extradoinary human beings. I have been playing EverQuest 1 with DulakQuickLeaf, but aside from him I really didn't have anyone to chat with while playing.

So I called them back. I would return.

Danshir is returning to Azeroth with his lovely wife.

Stay I spend the next decade patching...

To get some interaction with my fellow human beings, I want to hear some opinions from you. What class do you recommend from someone who has played a rogue and a hunter pretty extensively. Should I do a complete switich and try a healing position? Should I tank? Alliance or Horde? Don't make it thought out, just throw some goofy crap my way(What a lovely idea, throwing "goofy" crap...) and lets get to discussing! Oh. To show off my leet skills at horrible artistic ability, check out my new picture "ad" used to exchange pictures between blogs.!


  1. A Melee Hunter? Y'know, gear up and spec to fight with axes and polearms, with your trusty critter at your side. Make yourself a White Lion in WoW. :)

  2. Meh, I predict you'll get bored with the new expansion. I did after 3 levels. It's all the same thing really just a different location, different mob names. Only nifty thing about it is the torture quest. Other than that, nada. But since you're returning to Azeroth instead of Norrath, as we've not gamed together in a while due to multiple reasons, I'm gonna suggest a Druid. I have one and I have retired him at lvl 73. He's a tanking beasty that one. But as far as your faction, if the whole purpose is to play with old guildies, I'd suggest being on the same faction they are.

  3. This may garner some eye rolls, but if you want something new and different, I'd say try a Death Knight. If you're into the lore, you can have a blast with this class. DKs are certainly OP at this point, but the next patch (3.0.8) should fix some of that.

    As for Northrend being boring, I'd disagree. The start areas may be a bit ho-hum, but as you progress further, you'll encounter more opportunities for lore (Wrathgate is superb in this regard) and more opportunities to 'make your mark' in the game.

  4. Another brave heart and bright voice lost to WoW :/

    Problem with WoW, for bloggers in particular, is -- what is there to write about? It's like writing about what a great burger you had at McDonald's.

  5. *chuckles* Oh Tipa, more than likely I'll be playing W101 more than WoW due to the " I only play when my wife plays " mindset. =). I'll probably keep on playing EverQuest too.

    I've considered a DK, due to it being the only class I've never tried. If I did, I don't think I would go the DPS route with it simply because I've done DPS classes to death. (Har! A pun!)

  6. Bro, all a DK is is pure dps regardless of the spec you go. And as far as you playing EQ, I've yet to see you on in the last month or so lol


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