Saturday, January 24, 2009

WoW MMO: The Dance of Death?

I'm not so crude that I would urinate from up here....ok..I am.

While the title of this particular entry seems dramatic, the truth of the matter is more of an epic fail than anything else. In truth today has been rather slow for me both in World of Warcraft and out in the real world. I'm going to hop around each subject briefly today due to the fact I rather not get into some type of serious philosophical discussion today.

I got to level 10 last night with my Blood Elf Rogue, Ahrimin.(The name Danshir is already me..don't ask. =*( . ) Since I had not previously viewed whatever changes to the talents that rogues get since a few months prior to Wrath of the Lich King, I may have squealed a bit in glee at some of the changes made to pre-existing talents and of course the new abilities.

Dual wield specialization a tier 1 combat? <3

The only change I didn't like was the move of relentless strikes to the subtlety tree. While I know others may have been overjoyed by it, I'm personally not a big fan of PvP in World of Warcraft nor of the subtlety tree itself. Other than that however I was quite eager to go ahead and spend a few thousand gold on trying different talent builds.(To date, I have spent over 3578+ gold. I didn't start keeping record of it until a few months after I started WoW at it's initial release date. If you count in how much I've spent on respecs for both my rogue and hunter...well.. it's too much.)

After that I decided to look up WoWhead's talent builder and just goof off with some potential ideas. While people can "theorycraft" all damn day, in truth what looks good on paper may be horrid in use. Still I made some builds to work towards and I'll make any changes as needed. If you want to check them out and scoff at my "noob" ability you may.(Remember, I've not played a rogue since..uhh..last year. So please, be gentle.)

Combat Sword Build

Mutilate PvE Build

After that I decided to go look into this year's Lunar Festival. I really wanted to level, however my wife wasn't really in the mood to play so I was left to doing things that didn't involve reaping the exp. (So I've been leveling professions, getting out of the way flight paths(I hate you ThunderBluff), and playing the auction house. Oh joy.) When I went over to Moonglade after the initial festival quest...I recalled something I probably should have considered before translocating myself..

I'm on a PvP server.

Instantly I was surrounded by level 80 characters with BIG scarlet letters that proclaimed my imminent release from this mortal coil. Or quite simply...

I was screwed.

No one attacked me however. So I quietly walked over to the pillar of light that would take me over to Orgrimmar so I could pick up some additional flight paths.(I'm so exciting! /sarcasm) That's of course when an Night Elf Hunter ran up to me. Judging by the skull on his portrait I decided my chances were null and void. Yet this particular human being(By this I mean the player...) challenged me in a way where the competition would be fair.

A dance off.

The Battle of the Century

I had to chuckle at this. It was one of those situations that you knew would turn out badly, yet fate threw you a curve ball only to shatter any assumption you may have had. After a few minutes of dancing while alt+tabbing out to work on both this site and NegativeGamer, I decided I would go ahead and leave...well..that's what I TRIED to do.

But this happened instead.

You knew it was going to happen.

So I got ambushed by some Rogue that apparently didn't appreciate my dancing ability. What a way to end the day eh?

On as positive note I only saw one Chuck Norris joke the whole day.

For today's discussion if you're so inclined, is to talk about what keeps you in whatever MMO you happen to play after you've already met the level cap. Is it the "lust" for additional loot? PvP content? Simply talking and chatting with friends?


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  1. Well, for me it used to be gaming with my friends but they keep bouncing from one MMO to another as well as from server to server. I despise having to start over when they decide they wanna move around and I don't always have the money to start a new toon. I now mostly play just to pass the time away. I've made a few in game friends but other than that, no real reason. For me it's just the same as playing an RPG on my PC in single player.


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