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A Question of World of Warcraft MMO Lore

It's friday! Huzzah!

I'm about to go out and celebrate the fact that for a few days I won't have to assist people with their Medicare issues by enjoying the company of some friends. Now however I would still like to get a conversation started of a more casual nature. Tomorrow I'll post a few ideas I had at work..but that's another story.

With the release of
Wrath of the Lich King, and the future patch that will let players face off against King Arthas/The Lich King/Ner'zhul, the storyline will soon have most of it's characters with evil delusions of grandeur axed.

So if you're interested in the lore of World of
Warcraft, where do you think the story will go from here? Will Deathwing the former Earth Warder finally take center stage in World of Warcraft? Will Sargeras somehow be resurrected and lead the Burning Legions?

Where do you think the storyline will go from here? Let's discuss. Personally I would love to see
Deathwing be the lead villain.


  1. Given the current lore hints that have been dropped in legacy wow I have two guesses for future lore story arcs.

    The Emerald dream is an obvious choice given the lore woven around the plane. The end quest for the opening of the AQ40 gates told of an old god invading the Emerald dream. The world dragons still show up every few days to camp their respective gates. To my knowledge stories are still floating of Archimonde using Nordrisil as a gate to enter the nature plane and sap its magic.

    Prior to the Northrend lore treasure trove it was hinted that the titans would one day return. Uld'am is rumored to contain the information as to when the titans will return, notified when the well of eternity exploded. 10,000 years and we are still waiting for them to arrive.

  2. I think the easy answer is the Emerald Dream. I can't say what exciting characters we'll have, but I do know they have some of it modeled. But they didn't have any of Northrend way back when, so who knows?

    What I'm hoping is we'll get some kind of ancient history type thing involving Uldum and all that jazz.

  3. And wouldn't you know, I get beaten on both by 2 minutes with a better post.

  4. Per lore, the next big bad in line would be Azshara and her naga. They've been a part of Warcraft since The Frozen Throne, and Azshara almost has as much tenure as Arthas in that regard.

    My belief is that we'll also see another Old God attached to the Nazjatar / Maelstrom content. Since the Old Gods are inspired by H.P. Lovecraft Great Old Ones, it would only be fitting if the next one after Yogg-Saron is an Old God inspired by Dagon himself. Afterall, the murlocs are just Azerothian versions of the Deep Ones.

    Then there's this little snippet posted back during vanilla WoW:

    I wrote a LoreCrafted post a few months ago regarding this. It ended up being more of a simple setup for what could be the setting for the upcoming expansion. It can be found here:

  5. given that they've already said the next hero class will be some kind of Healer, Emerald Dream makes the most sense. For the big Bad there is Nightmare, which could be virtually anything, a secret identity for Deathwing sleeping in Grim Batol, the remains of Archimonde's spirit, (although the world tree wouldn't exist in the Emerald Dream, so that makes less sense) or something else. CoT entry could be Grom's attack on Ashenvale.
    Then the Great Sea, with Azshara being the say patch .2 boss, and Saregas being the Big Bad. A DPS hero class, maybe with one tree for Burst damage, one for DoTs. What I hope they would do at this time is insert a Neutral Faction, Goblins, Ogres, Worgen, Panderen, and one more (kobolds?) all of these races are Islanders, and have always been neutral to all sides. an excellent CoT would be the War of the Ancients, which would force the players to help the burning legion take down Agamaggan and company. Uldum would work better here.

    my guesses are made on the pattern observed
    1. Uldaman, villan/action is in Azeroth
    2. Villan/action is not in Azeroth
    3. Ulduar, villan/action is in Azeroth
    4. Villan/action is not in Azeroth
    5. Uldum/ Villan/action is in Azeroth

  6. I'm curious where it's been said that the next Hero Class is a healer. The devs have said multiple times that the next hero class is still up in the air. DKs were introduced to even the balance between tanking classes vs healing class (it's 4 and 4 now, instead of 3 and 4 as it was prior to Wrath).

    Most of the "the next Hero Class" information has been misinterpreted speculation, so I'm curious if you have a solid source for the "healer hero" claim.

  7. I'm personally curious of what "hero" classes from the WarCraft RTS series they will add. Demon Hunter? Priestesss of the Moon? Arch Mage? Some interesting ideas there.


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