Saturday, January 3, 2009

A World of Warcraft Experience: A Story of Lies, Sex, and Laughter

Author's Note - Fake character names will replace the names of those actually in this story to protect all those involved. However this is a true story. Would I lie?

During my early days of World of Warcraft I joined a guild a few "IRL" friends were in after making my soon to be legendary(Due to raid wipes, leading people to their deaths, and other lovely activities) rogue Ceallac.(This IS the real name of my rogue by the way) The guild introduced me to a large variety of human beings. Some of them I still talk to this day despite rarely jumping into the game, some of them I could kidney shot them and I don't mean in game.

There was one member in particular in th
e guild that could have been labeled "The Girl".(Read here to understand what "The Girl" is) Let's call her "Lily".(Remember! Fake name)There was constant humors of her "cybering" the guild leader and various other members for items, guild position, etc. One of these "other members" was even cheating on his fiance with this online dalliance. However since I was roughly around level 35ish I really didn't hear or care for the drama in the officer channel. I was too busy doing the StrangleThorn Vale Page quest(pre-nerf) and just having fun.

I'm a bit fuzzy on the details here, but "somehow" the truth got leaked out. "Lily" turned out to be a guy. All those involved with "Lily" were pretty upset, especially the one who had been cheating on his fiance. Though I wasn't privy to much of the details due to it going on in other chat channels, I sent some tells to other members in the guild and to "Lily" himself. Apparently he had been roleplaying this entire time and didn't see what all the fuss was about. Others didn't feel quite the same way about it. "Lily" either t
hen quit the guild or was removed by one of the officers.

There are other bits of information about this story, but I'm not a jerk. Certain bits and pieces were removed/omitted to protect other peoples privacy. However there IS a moral of this story, especially if you're a huge homo-phobe as was the one who cheated on his fiance. Never assume that someone is a certain gender because of their avatar.

Because, lets face it..
Author's Note, part 2 - Just to clarify. Ceallac IS my rogues name, my main character*My hunter* is name. Also, I didn't have any part in this particular story aside from being on the sidelines watching in awe and horror. Some details are my own assumptions and speculations. Thus do not label this story as 100% fact. That is all.

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  1. I'm a man, and in any video game that I can play as a female, I do. I got into a discussion about this with an IRL girl while we were waiting for Arathi Basin. I play as a female because I like females. I'm going to be watching this character for hours to days and would rather watch a female. I associate better with females, all of my IRL friends are female, it just makes sense. I don't pretend to be an IRL female (not on any RP realm)
    That said, it would be very foolish for anyone to assume the gender of anyone they are not on Vent with. I also have a female internet friend who plays and only rolls male, for my reason and she gets hit on less.
    All that said, it's a game, don't destroy real relationships for ones that if anything else, will fall apart when you lose a roll to your e-beloved.


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