Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who says Frost can't dps?

No comment required I hope.

Ah, it has been some time has it not? However I'm not here to go on about how I shall soon post and to tide you over here is a few sentences. No, I'm actually going to sit down and type out some conversation and hopefully get some feedback to said conversation. It has been a long time, so let me make some updates.

This is me.

While I have some decent gear I suppose, my weapon leaves much to be desired. Regardless I do some decent damage, upwards to 3.5k - 4k on raids. Sometimes even more depending on the fight and other misc. circumstances. So why is the first topic called "Trash Talking"?

I went to a 10 man Naxxaramas PuG (Pick up group), hoping to finally get an upgrade for my weapon. While I didn't get an upgrade, something did occur on the raid. With us was three guild members from a raiding guild. One of them was a rogue by the name of Spacebott.

This is his gear. (He may have different gear for pvp, so if it doesn't look like pve gear..it probably isn't what he was wearing to the raid.)

As we were progressing through the wings, his two guildies started to give him crap for being beat on damage by me. ( I am referred to as " That Deathknight", instead of my characters name/whatnot.) As we make it up to Patchwerk, the rogue starts talking on vent on how no one ever beats him on Patchwerk, and my damn AoE's will not pull me ahead like it has been during the whole raid. Then he goes on about how DPS is nothing compared to damage done. (Mind you, I'm beating him on BOTH damage done and DPS.)

So we start it up. I wish I had pictures of my recount, but sadly I didn't think I would write an article about this encounter. So we kill Patchwerk, and the rogue is talking to his other guildies
about random BS. I, on the other hand, politely mention that his perfect record just got soiled.

Vharian - 786k Damage done
Spacebott- 725k Damage done

He then says yeah right, and doesn't talk anyone but his guildies for the rest of the raid...which was just one more fight as all three of them left soon after.

As a little side note, I'm frost DPS spec btw. =) .

So what's the topic today? Trash talking and things of that nature. What do you think about the whole trash talking aspect in not only MMOs, but most games in general on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network? Leave a comment..or suffer.


  1. Xbox live trashtalk is something that is very common. Thats usually what happens when you get a game targeted at mature audiences and give it to teens and below. The word penis and noob starts flying around.

    I'm all for mature comments and adult conversations.

    Trash talking does go to extreme when it can't be muted or removed, such as finite ignore lists that fill up in days. Second life took trash talking visually when you could be assualted with e-peens and no way to prevent it.

    It's a given in most social games and its healthy and builds up a fun competition... most the time. :)

  2. Trash talking is fine, as long as you are prepared to eat your trash afterward if served. :) I, too, find it in the spirit of good competition and friendly challenge, but also find tedious and annoying when the maturity leaves and the "noob" penile talk comes in.

  3. Well, it would appear this site has went the way of the Dodo... It's a shame really... Was a great way to spend time though...


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