Monday, November 17, 2008

A MMO Experience: The Lone Halfling

A little incident that I wanted to share, and hopefully get some similar stories from you as well. Way back in the days of yore, I played EverQuest. To those too new to the MMORPG scene, EverQuest had a quest for each class called their Epic. Basically it would be a long series of quests taking a person from long spawns, raid encounters, and collections where the reward would be a powerful item. This item would only be usable by said class, have a unique graphic, and be all around the symbol for that class. These quests COULD take months to over a year to complete just by the sheer difficulty of them.

I played a lil halfling Paladin, and did my epic quest. It took about..I would say 7 months to complete. However I was stuck at the very end, a run to Plane of Fear. To give some idea of this part, Anyone attempting this would have to zone into the Plane of Fear, run near where the God of Fear is, and turn in a few items to receive the epic sword Fiery Defender. However as soon as you zone in, you're being attacked. Most raids can fail at this initial part just from all the chaos.

However, I plopped in solo, after several failed raids. As soon as I zoned in I got on my AA horse and ran like crazy around the zone. With about one hundred monsters on me where one hit would equal my death, it was pretty nerve wracking. However, I got enough of a lead on them to turn in my items, get my sword, then run like crazy out of there. It's really hard to describe how much of a blast it was.

So I want to hear your story. Be it a strange set of circumstances that would be considered hilarious, or an epic encounter that had you on the edge of your seat. Post em up here...Now.

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