Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Online Community has changed...badly

While I try to stay on topic of just MMO games, this really applies to any online experienced I've had in the past year. After being reminded of one of the greatest roleplayers in a video game, Fansy the Bard, I had to reinstall EverQuest. It's been sometime since I've romped around Norrath, so I was kinda startled to recall something else as well. The players in EverQuest were always more serious, more honest, and just generally nicer then the people playing more modern MMORPGS.

There isn't any Chuck Norris jokes, there isn't any linking items together with foul language. It's as if all the immature kids, or adults, died off. Yes...it was a utopia of gaming. Everyone I spoke to, even though I haven't spoken to anyone on EQ for years, was helpful. All the new gadgets and gizmos released in the new expansions were quickly explained from a player's point of view. I was quickly given directions to new zones so I could farm AA's faster. I could go on and on about this kind of reaction.

So where are these people in World of Warcraft? In Vanguard? All you can find in the ooc chats here are stupidity on such a scale that for a brief moment your soul implodes from horror. Have any of you seen the OOC chat in the Deathknight starter zone? Most of these people are losing their minds in all CAPS because Questhelper isn't working and they cant solve a quest and they DEMAND HELP NOW. When how to do the quest exactly, exact directions to where they need to go, are in the Quest Log.

Is this just the way of things because of such a larger amount of players? Was this the accidental birth of Blizzard making a game appeal to a mass audience? Atmosphere is what can hook a player in, but having a great gaming community can make you feel right at home as you slay orcs and goblins. While I think WoW is here to stay and this will not cause it any lasting harm, I think the mature players will move on...or move back, like I did.

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