Sunday, November 16, 2008

Need money to afford Wrath of the Lich King?

Winter is coming. Sorry, my inner nerd has kinda busted out for a bit there, and 100 points to anyone that gets that fantasy literature joke. Anyway, with all these great MMORPG expansions coming out, I decided to list a few ways you can make some extra money. They range from free surveys to type at home deals. I know, surveys are mind numbing and horrid. However, these actually pay somewhat decent, so I thought I would spread them along. Anyway, I hope they help get you all the " phat " lewts for whatever game you enjoy!

Get paid for your opinion.

Type from Home

Web Colleagues

Those two keying at homes do take a sign up fee. Now while MOST* I would say 90%* key at home sign up deals are horrid scams, any with the Scam-X logo are safe. Which these two have..I checked. I do know the latter one is 100% safe, as my wife has tried it.

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