Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SOE announces Station Cash a success

Apparently adding Micro-Transactions to EverQuest and EverQuest 2 was a smashing success for Sony Online Entertainment. How much a success? Enough to start hiring a larger staff JUST for the Station Cash program. There is also talk of adding even more items. Now even though SOE once claimed in a blog to NEVER have any type of MT system...

Here it is. For better or worse SOE is keeping AND expanding it.

However most games that use MT have no subscription fees, yet EverQuest and EverQuest 2 do. They also charge per expansion, etc, etc. I really think that unless they switch to a full MT system*Where there is no subscription fees, etc* then this could hurt more than help.

You can read the full post by SOE here.


  1. This is truly confusing.
    If you read that thread, then yes, according to SOE, it is a success.
    Yet, go to the feedback thread, and it is 90% "I am quitting" posts.
    So, how does one measure success.
    Lazy people will buy stuff to not have to work...simple really.
    But, I also will not pay 15 bucks myself to pay for a game where everyone will be ahead of me because they are willing to pay extra.
    Stupid SOE.

  2. What was funny*in a sad way*is seeing how fast SOE forum moderators were deleting posts. There would be a post saying I hate sony and it was gone in just a few seconds.

    SOE really needs to start being honest with its customers, or it will lose the loyal fanbase that it has..


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