Monday, January 12, 2009

DC Universe Video - More People in Tights

I got to watch this neat little video over at It's about a game I've not even bloody mention so far on this MMO site of mine.(Though not because I dislike the idea, I actually want to play it. There are many things to talk about *insert sad face*) It shows off some of the aspects of character creation, some attack animations(which look very smooth and pretty), as well as the new movement mode acrobatics. Acrobatics is basically " Super Jump " from NCSoft's City of Heroes, except with a few neat additions like "air dash" and climbing walls.

I'll try to keep better tabs on this since it's one of the few MMORPGs coming out that will also be available for consoles. Most MMO games released for consoles generally crash, burn, break an arm, and crawl out of the horrible accident only to have a shark fall from the heavens on their head.(The image is now in your head..isn't it?) However DC Universe may actually pull it off and be a truly successful MMO on a console.

With The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction inspiring SOE to incorporate such interactivity into game play, hopefully this game will bring out the inner comic book nerd in all of us.


  1. I believe it's only for 1 Console and that's the PS3. Though many people do have PC so it's not like they will miss out.

  2. well it's a sony game , of course its only on ps3 and pc

  3. Yes DC Universe is only for the PS3 in terms of consoles. This pleases me as I have a PS3 and would like to review the PS3 version of the game. There are other PS3 only(in terms of console) MMO's coming out as well, such as The Agency.

    Another game I need to mention..


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