Saturday, January 17, 2009

Round 2: Peg Leg Warrior vs Lagging Enchanter

The last bout took the form of a small short story. This one however will be a bit different. Enjoy!

Peg Leg Warrior v.s. Lagging Enchanter

Grodius the Wooden Fury: *Gazes at his opponent* This will be over in a few seconds..Noob.

Foghorn the 56k Enchanter: Loading...Please wait...

Grodius: LOL, say something before I pwn you.

Foghorn: *Appears suddenly, and simply stands there* ...

Grodius: *charges in, and starts flailing away with two swords and a peg leg* Rip Frag time!

Foghorn takes no damage.

Grodius: WTF? *continues attacking, taking out his huge 2-hander that is easily 3x taller than him.*

Foghorn takes no damage.

Grodius: ok what the ....

Foghorn phases in and out of reality due to gargantuan amounts of lag, which apparently bends space and time. Appears several yards behind Grodius.
Foghorn begins casting a spell..

Foghorn casts Gravity Flux, dealing 300 points of damage and shooting Grodius several hundred feet in the air.

Grodius falls back down, falling down a ravine hitting every rock on the way down, taking 500 more points of damage.

Grodius: WTF?! Noob you hax!

Foghorn casts a spell...

Grodius: ...

Foghorn casts Gravity Flux..

Foghorn the Lagging Enchanter wins!

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