Saturday, January 17, 2009

MMO Glitches

At last, free of the linear prison of flight paths! FREEEDOOMMM!

Sometimes those millions of lines of code fail us. Then we are suddenly unplugged from the rules of the world and are given free reign to wreck havoc. No I'm not trying to start a post about the Matrix. Any post that adds the words Matrix and MMO usually has me wanting to projectile vomit toward the creators of that farce of a game.

Of course I'm not trying to say it's a BAD game. I'm trying to say I would rather have a rabid cat become attached to my spine then play the Matrix Online anymore. But hey that's just my opinion.

I want to talk about glitches! Not just ye normal "Gears of War 2 Morons Crab-Walking" glitches but MMO glitches. Why? Well I was just goofing off in everyone's favorite addiction World of Warcraft when my griffon decided he was tired of his years of bondage to the tyranny of dwarves. So I find myself suddenly controlling the magical little beast and take him for a stroll down into Darkshire. After a few moments of joy I find myself suddenly disconnected and booted for ever showing the poor creature a moment of joy.

It got me thinking though of all the little glitches I've seen that made me pull my hair from frustration or made me laugh hysterically as I'm prone to do.

He is not suppose to be purple...

There is one glitch in particular that I wish I still had pictures of. Some time ago in World of Warcraft the instance server kinda shut off. So everyone in an instance or a battleground suddenly found themselves teleported several hundred feet about the Arathi Mountains. I cannot show my own personal demise in this cataclysmic event, I did find a video that demonstrates what happened...

While the glitch was pretty frustrating as the entire raid "wiped", the outcome was worth it for sheer laughs. However glitches are not always fun. What about if you wait a few hours for a named monster to appear in EverQuest only to have him "fall" through the ground somewhere else in the dungeon? If you've ever played EverQuest before and camped a mob you can have a glimmer of what type of rage this can produce.

So, what are some of the glitches you've come across while mindlessly stabbing monsters in the gut? Tell me about some of the more memorable glitches that you've come across, be they simple graphical crashes or gargantuan shattering of the game. It's the weekend, so I'm avoiding any serious discussion or work. So come bask in my procrastination this weekend. Also I'll update the poll for Round 3!


  1. As long as we have been playing EQ and you didn't mention the day it rained 100pp stacks in EC? I'm disappointed bro. It happened right after a patch shortly after Kunark come out and they had to do an emergency patch to fix it. Sure, it broke the economy but it was still nice to run around picking up all that plat.

  2. In WoW, I wound up dying and somehow being stuck below the ground plane. All I could do was fall, which inevitably meant I died. Again. And again.

    I tried to log out, and that didn't work. I just kept reappearing at the graveyard amidst a pile of my own corpse bones, and then falling to my doom, as a ghost... again and again. I got some fun screenshots, at least.


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