Thursday, February 12, 2009

Contemplating the MMO Experience

Since late last night, a question has been plaguing me. I couldn't shake it all day at work, on my drive home, or even now as I sit at my desk. I'm surrounded by the spoils of nerd war, and yet a question nags at me and I cannot begin to answer it.

Where better to write about my thoughts than my own site that is some strange lovechild of blogging and a pseudo attempt at video game journalism? Perhaps in the course of writing out my thoughts I'll discover the answer, or one
of you, my readers, will assist me in some way.

I don't know where to go from here, with this website.

Forgive me if that sounds horribly depressing or extraordinary "emo". I don't mean that I have NO path to go, just too many to choose from. I would love to have a fraction of the hits and popularity of sites such as WorldofMatticus, yet there are so many paths to go from there to reach that that I stand at the crossroads.

Should I go the route of paid advertisement on sites, GoogleAdWords, and others? Should I continue the route of posting on other peoples forums/sites/twitter/and other social networking? Should I do both?

I apologize if this is coming off as whining, I'm simply saying my opt
ions are a bit overwhelming in the terms of how many I have. I know the end result which is to have a respectful, interesting, and somewhat cult popular website. Perhaps even make actual money writing in some type of career in the future.

I will end with this. The most insightful information I've learned regarding blogging and websites in general have been from others. So I'm asking for your insights or opinions as I try to see how to make The MMO Experience grow. After since my first giveaway I've really wanted to make this successful to do fun things like that in the future, with perhaps a much larger number of participants. Let me kn
ow, and thanks in advance for both your patronage and your wisdom.


PS: To make this MMO related and to kill the somber mood...


  1. My very first reaction after seeing "ads" written was no - were I you, I would not go that route. I know that my blog will always be add free (even when it is eventually self-hosted). I personally dislike when people use ads, because I don't think it "looks pretty", it clutters up sidebars and lots of times is only mildly related to site content and sometimes just looks tacky.

    However, I don't plan to make money with my site. I don't plan to someday be a writer and get paid for my efforts, so that possible career start doesn't hinge on garnering views and networking in that fashion.

    I think certainly you should continue on the route of social networking in the way that you already are (Twitter especially, it's a hoot!) I think that posting on relevant forums and commenting on other people's sites (assuming both are MMO related) seems to me the best way to access your audience directly and tap the source, which is why I go that route. But then we're back at the fact that you need to utilize this in a way that I don't.

    I think it could really boil down to this: if you build it, they will come :) GL!

  2. I had this problem before, so I shall re-clarify. I don't mean additional ads on here. I mean making my own ads for other peoples websites and paying them to show my ads*ya know, come to my website prz. "

  3. There is a lot to be said for social networking! Twitter is great and you are there already; a Facebook page as a fansite is a great idea, free and a powerful way to spread the word! I shy away from ads, but flesh out your social network first...once you've done all you can there, an ad here and there on blogs with targeted audiences wouldn't be a bad thing. Just seeing an ad by a name you don't know or haven't heard much of won't get you to click. But when friends are talking about you, suggesting you to other friends on FB and Twitter and other social networking sites, and you then see an occasional ad...there you go!

    Good luck!

  4. What I don't understand is the purpose of your website. What is its unique attractiveness? How it is to be sustained? Adverts are OK, but the returns are so low when traffic is low.

    Questions that you could ask yourself:

    Do my entries have useful new information, or just your opinion?
    Do my entries have content that needs only to be read once, or is it bookmark worthy?
    Is the same information that I am offering available elsewhere in a more/less accessible format?

    The sites/blogs that I follow are ones that I need to keep going back to.

    Would I need to keep coming back to yours? Do I get the same info from your Twitter's?


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