Friday, February 13, 2009

Epic Fail at GameStop

This just happened...oh..maybe 10 minutes ago.

I walked into my local GameStop, where I'm somewhat well known to the employees. Not in a "This guy causes crap and needs to be feared" kinda way, but in the "We talk about our stupid customers to this guy" way. So I walk in, grab a copy of F.E.A.R. 2, 2 copies of Wrath of the Lich King(One for me, one for my wife), and I wanted to pick up a 60 day subscription card for myself.

Sorry, this particular one isn't for the website...but I may have another giveaway soon.

So I walk up to the desk, give the initial greetings and explain why I haven't been to the store in a few weeks. I then INTEND to ask for a World of Warcraft subscription card...instead I say...

" I need a World of Warcraft prescription card please. "

To explain myself. I work for 1800 Medicare, and thus I deal with medication and other health information daily. It was an innocent slip.

The employee looked at me funny, and I then correct myself and ask for a subscription card in which he replies by laughing his ass off, shaking his head, and telling me..

" No, you were right the first time. "

Epic Fail or Epic Accidental Joke? You decide.


  1. Epic Accidental Joke, for sure!! We're all addicted! Muahahahahahaha!

  2. Epic accidental joke, absolutely.

  3. umm more like epic truth lol nice one

  4. It's funny because it's true. Oh, so true. :D


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