Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winner of The MMO Experience Giveaway!

We have a winner! Number 7!

It's official! The number drawn *you can see proof of that from the picture above* was lucky number 7. Which happens to be RavenPhoenix, so congratulations to her! She's already received the card number and made sure it works, and all emails sent to me with your physical addresses were deleted.

So there will be NO evil plots being hatched by yours truly using them. I swear...would I lie?

I must say I truly enjoyed running this event. It was a blast to organize it, get all the stuff together, and finally roll the dice. I fully plan on doing this again, though WHEN is a question I can't answer at the moment.

Due to some medical issues going on, I'm having to fork over $1200 more than I thought I would have to, which is the reason why there are no runner-up prizes like I wanted to do. I do apologize for that. However I did the budget to where I could still purchase the card, as I had promised to do the event and I didn't want to let you (my readers) down.

So the next giveaway will probably occur just when I can afford it. If you're feeling generous you can donate to the site, which will go toward hosting events like this in the future. However it is not
necessary in any way.

Again, congratulations to
RavenPhoenix for winning The MMO Experience's first giveaway!

Tomorrow will begin normal topics/discussions. One of them being my first time healing in an instance!


  1. Gratz RP, I would like a pic of you and your shiny new time card.

  2. She opted to just have the number sent to her to save time and postage. =) I still have the shiny card. I'll try to get a pic of it up on the site.

  3. My apologies for the belated thanks to all commenters...I've been playing like a mad woman and taking care of hormonal teenage daughter!

    Thanks again to Danshir for running the contest. It was fun, and I never ever win anything, so this was a total hoot! :D


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