Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The MMO Raffle has Begun

If you want to score some free game time in World of Warcraft, you've come to the right place! The MMO Experience Raffle has finally started. So how do you get signed up?

There are steps, and evil rules...

1. Make a comment to any of the raffle posts*there will be one each day until Sunday, which is when the winner(s) will be chosen. You need to use some type of account.(Blogger,

2. Send me an email with your
username/email and address. This won't be used for evil purposes, just to prevent people from cheating. Plus if you want the actual physical card instead of me just giving you the number on the back, obviously I would need your address anyway. Send all emails to ThaShirow(at)gmail(dot)com.

To enter into the contest you have until Saturday 11:59pm. From there I will be getting all the names together and where they will be associated with a number. To make this more
MMO related, I will then /random 1-*how many entered* to pick the winner. The first winner will receive the card, while 2 more winners will receive runner up prizes.

Luck to you all!


  1. Raffle Raffle Count me in!! :) I shall send an email along shortly. Good luck to everyone who enters!

  2. Raffle! Count me in! I will RT your post and send you an email

  3. Count me in, too! WOOT! Good luck to all!

  4. I am in on this contest. Good luck to everyone.

  5. The odds are with me, so is the force.

  6. Come on lucky /random number!!!

  7. Just a reminder, you also have to email me with the username you used here as well as SOME part of your physical address*such as the street address* Otherwise you won't be officially in the raffle and won't receive your number for it.

  8. Check-Check, is this thing on?

    Gimme the mon... raffle! Email coming...

  9. Ooo Ooo, me too... donuts? Oh wait, its a game card that's right.


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