Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Stroke of MMO Genius?

I look like this all the time..

I truly wonder how many readers I'm going to lose/gain with this post...

An idea I had while mindlessly informing people that they had absolutely no idea what they were talking about (I work at a call center...help me.) refused to get out of my brain today. The internal struggle between flesh and idiotic brain was quite an epic conflict. However, as usual, my brain told the rest of me to shut up and to talk about what it wanted me to talk about.

You may could have guessed it already, but I'll spell it out for the blissfully ignorant.

Magic: The Gathering.

Yes, that evil card game that is bound to summon Lucifer himself. (An interesting story, in high school I was once informed by a substitute teacher that the game was evil incarnate and I was going straight to hell for playing it.) While I don't play the game anymore, nor have I in several years, I do still read the novels that is either based on the game...or the game is based on.

I don't recall which. Obviously it didn't start that way..but..anyway.../endtangent.

An MMO based upon the STORY of the whole Magic: The Gathering series, most pointedly in the era of Urza Planeswalker and Phyrexia. Now while I wouldn't recommend it to be a "card" game a la Wizard 101.(Wizard 101 does it very well, but this isn't what I had in mind for this idea.)

Now what does it have? The ability of "planeswalking" enables there to be several worlds of vastly different geographies, populaces, races, monsters, and challenges. There is already an established storyline that is truly enjoyed by a large number of nerds. You even already have two factions that a player could pick between.(Urza's Academy and the Spheres of Phyrexia, a place of evil sentient artifacts to put it simply.)

Now obviously this idea would pitch better to someone who has played the game or read the books than someone who has done neither. However I just wanted to share the little idea in my head because, to me, it sounded like it could be quite a bit of fun.

So today's discussion is what type of world in either novels, movies, television, etc would you like to see translated into some type of MMO fashion.

Oh, a small note. I just noticed all the insane changes Blizzard has done to the Paladin class. I'm now stuck in Limbo trying to decide to play a Paladin*To eventually be a Healadin* or continue on my Rogue.



  1. I find the world that Anne McCaffrey created in her Pern series so interesting that I would love to toodle around in it. Play a harper, or a dragonrider, or a holdless, or a holder, or craftsmen of any type. So much room for translation into a virtual world, I think.

    I believe there had been a video game made from the series. I was afraid to try it out, mostly because I could imagine my step son hanging over my shoulder telling me,"You're doing it wrong!"

  2. The Wheel of Time. And apparently its coming true as rumours from early November claim.

    I just hope that *someone* can finish the story.

  3. MtG does have a great metaverse, but there are two problems.

    1) You base your game on MtG in any way and people are going to wonder if/how it is exactly like the TCG.

    2) MtG is going crazy in the metaverse. Lots of other MMOs have unexplored worlds they could use to have much the same effect.

  4. The Wheel of Time series is indeed coming true to MMO form by RedEagle Games. They are also making film based on The Eye of the World, and also some form of console games. EA is already signed up to this deal so...

    Tis no rumour. and some author that Robert Jordan's wife picked is going to finish the series with her help and the help of Robert Jordan's notes that he wrote on his death bed.

  5. Hrrm, it's always hard to suggest universes. I guess I'd really like to see a pass at discworld, because I'd like an MMO where real-world comedy references could be part of the actual universe.

  6. I would love to see a Shadowrun MMO... go on missions from Mr. Johnson, break into Aztechnology, etc etc. Fun fun!

  7. I'm sure somebody will want to punch me for saying this, but... I think the Harry Potter universe would make a kick-ass base for an MMO. Rather than having races, you could chose/be sorted into a house, each of which would give different attribute bonuses (courage, wit, ambition, charisma ;). The "classes" would be whatever school of magic you chose to study; potions, transfiguration, charms, DatDA, etc. Rowling's world is already has a great base story and is full of amazing monsters and creatures, so it would be really easy to build upon this already expansive world... my friends and I have talked about it at length, actually ~ and I would roll a Ravenclaw Charms student in a heartbeat x3!!

    (PS – Roll Paladin ;D!)


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