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Rogue vs Paladin

This has nothing to do with today's post.

Lately I've been having a somewhat of a conundrum upon my head, that is quickly going from an annoyance to brain wracking madness. A problem I've had in the past from all the way to EverQuest to whatever MMO I'm playing is sticking with a character. I can't really explain the whole situation, but I must be some type of dilettante in the sense that I constantly want to sample other classes.

fighting in my head now? Paladin vs Rogue.

Logically speaking, the Paladin is the best choice. A Rogue can ONLY ever be a
dps class, while the paladin can fulfill all three main roles. (Tank,Healing,DPS) However I truly can't decide to the point where I feel as if my mind is made up.

It probably doesn't help that I've been trying to get everything organized for the big "The
MMO Experience" raffle that is currently in effect. (Please check here for more information on how you can enter for a 60 day World of Warcraft subscription card.). However despite the work it is, I'm having a lot of fun offering a gift to the community. Depending on how well this goes I may do this much more often than I had originally planned.

I know I'm not the only one that just stares at the character creation screen, pondering what class/race/name/etc. Is it the large investment of time that makes us so carefully pick out a character in these types of games? After all, we will be looking at them for a long time if we intend to stick with these characters until late game raiding.

So today's discussion is this. What made you decide to play your current character in what ever
MMO you are playing? Was it just random chance that you found your character or was it careful consideration? Discuss, and please sign up for the raffle!

Author's Note - Supposedly the Spirit Rezzer in World of Warcraft whispers the words " Give us your money ". I just listened for some time to try to verify this rumor...and it seems true.


  1. Tharion Greyseer, the WoW character whose name I post under most of the time, was created for a very specific reason: to become a demon hunter.

    If you remember, prior to WoW's launch, a couple of preview articles spoke about Hero Classes and how various classes would be able to specialize their spec into a "hero class" spec, thus evolving their class into an even more powerful class. The example given was a hunter speccing into a demon hunter at level 40.

    Yeah, this never made it into the final game. In fact, I don't believe that was even ever publically tested. But the "Hero Class" feature stayed on the Blizzard "Coming Soon" page for WoW for about six months after launch.

    Having enjoyed the demon hunter hero unit in Warcraft III, I wanted to play and roleplay one in WoW. And since the only information I had at the time were the preview articles, I chose to roll a hunter under the belief that I would eventually be able to become a demon hunter.

    Time has changed things, of course, and even though the DH hero class hasn't been introduced, I have still achieved my goal by becoming one of the more recognizable demon hunters on the Earthen Ring US server (the link attached to my name goes to the small RP guild I run... a guild focused around demon hunters and demon hunter roleplay--yes, shameless self promotion here).

    For four years, I've been RPing a demon hunter as best as I can, costuming the character (yes, I chose the blindfold face when I first rolled Thar), speccing Survival (originally a melee oriented tree prior to 1.7), and generally acting the part. Perhaps one day Blizzard will see fit to actually add the demon hunter hero class to the game, at which point I'll roll another version of Tharion.

    But until then, it is the game's lore that drives my class choice. And I've stuck with this character from the beginning.

  2. I'm a simple man with simple tastes. I like adrenaline. I like action. I like skulking about stabbing people in the face. Rogue was an obvious choice.

    I rolled a dwarf because my friends rolled alliance, and it was the best option out of a vanilla bunch.

    Mobius is a alias I've used since high school. He is the Keeper of time from the Legacy of Kain series. Brilliant, cunning, and a just enough of a bastard to like.

  3. ooo...I've got four to answer for. My first character in WoW was Elynea, and she is a balance druid on the RP realm Sisters of Elune. I chose Alliance because the friends I went to play with did. The druid love of nature and nature being their source of power fascinated me, and I made her as eco-friendly as possible (she has green grass hair and leaf shading around her eyes). Her name is a derivative meaning "shining light" or "bright one". I went with balance for her, because I wanted her to be proficient in both damage and healing, not just one or the other.

    Arachynne, my priest, began as a discipline priest for the first 21 points, then went hard into holy to be guild healer. It was an adjustment at first, since I like dealing spell damage, to "stay back, do no damage, raise no threat", but I got used to it and good at it, I think. Because of the initial discipline points, I can quest her solo without much problem, so she does decent damage when necessary. I RP her as twin sister to Elynea; nature as kin to nurture. They are, by the way, night elves.

    I rolled a Draenei fire mage, Onaala, when BC came out. I went fire for no really profound reason...I just wanted to blow things up and burn things down.

    Anaise is a Draenei DeathKnight (my girls were all 70 when WoTLK hit, so a DK was in order). Unlike most I've seen, she didn't spec unholy and doesn't run with a minion. She's frost...and tanks. My first melee character, and I was in love before she hit SW. She soloed most of the group quests in Outlands. Coming from squishy and moving to her was a clear case of revenge upon the environment.

    I do have one horde character...still level 3, so I haven't fleshed her out, yet. She's a Blood Elf rogue. Blame Pecula. I'll work on her farther down the road, since my Alliance girls take up all of my time right now. I run them pretty much together, and it is WORK...right now, my priest is 76, druid is 75, mage is 74 and DK is 74. I'm pushing them all to 80. :)

  4. I have lots of alts, but only a few main ones. Let's see here.

    Asara, my hunter main, was born out of the fact that I 1. Wanted a character that was an elf because I'd always played elves in RPG's, and I liked them, and 2. I loved the idea of being able to tame a pet to keep with me.

    After a time, I wanted something different. So I rolled a dwarf priest. She stalled out around level 36, but I eventually got her to 40 so she could go shadow. Didn't help.

    Then BC came out, and I wanted a draenei. Again, I wanted something different, so I chose a melee class, paladin. Saraabi (I was channeling Lion King at the time) is now my main alt, at level 73, on her way to 80, eventually.

    I've also got a feral druid that I originally rolled to be a boomkin. She sprouted feathers at 40, but then I decided I'd rather keep leveling her as feral and figure out the boomkin thing later. She's currently 48 and holding.

    Also, there's my bank alt, Igotyermoney. Victim of the fact that whenever I don't know what to make, I roll a warlock, she's a gnome. Also an enchanter, because at the time she could DE anything, I eventually had to start leveling her when they changed enchanting. She stalled out at level 40 because my hubby picked up enchanting and leveled it all the way up, and could now DE things.

    And finally, my blood elf mage. You know how guys will roll female characters to have something nice to look at while they play? That was my main motivation for making him. Again, something different, with the whole casting dps, he made it all the way to level 63, which included a transfer to another server to play with hubby's family. Who now do not play any more, so he's been languishing in Hellfire Peninsula for quite some time now. Poor guy.

  5. Where to start? Hrm.... *ponders for a bit* I've played so many MMOs it's pretty hard to keep track of the toons that I've made/played. Well I guess I can start with Diablo 2. Yes, in a sense, it can be considered an MMORPG as it can be played online with characters that are stored on Blizzards servers. Anyhow, my first character there was a Necromancer. I played him to like lvl 65ish. I mostly used the Blood Golem/Iron Maiden combo.

    Now, on to the fun stuff of many countless hours of sleepless nights, lost jobs and other things that should have and were more important.

    EverQuest (EverCrack if you will)
    My first character on EQ was an Iksar Shadowknight named Neraka on the Quellious server. I made him back shortly after the Kunark expansion was released. My friends John and Rob got me into EQ. And I have enjoyed it since. But I played my SK to lvl 9. At that time, I did not have my own account(s) yet so I was playing on theirs when I could play. I recall hunting in Lake of Ill Omen wearing my full Cabilis Scale armor and using some 2 handed sword that I was given. Sadly, I decided to go for a swim and went LD. When I was able to log back in, my poor little lizard man was dead at the bottom of the lake, and then I had to go home so I was unable to retrieve my corpse. It rotted and so did my leet gear lol.
    Currently I am actively playing an Iksar Monk named Jiloz e`Kieron on the Quellious server. He's lvl 61 and holding atm. I've been questing for some clicky items and working on aaxp as well.

    World of Warcraft.
    Well, on this game, I played a Feral Druid to 73 and then retired him. Played a mage to 43 and had a few other lowbie toons. I grew tired of this game once I hit max level and was doing regular raids into Kara and Gruuls with my guild, Bolt on the Durotan server. After being hacked twice and getting my toon back both times, I moved him to another account and server. Current he resides on the Deathwing server although I despise PvP. I went to that server for family/friends. But anyhow, I got bored with it about 6 months after BC was released and quit. Then they released WotLK. I played my druid for 3 levels and instantly hated it. The only cool thing about it was the torture quest. I then proceeded to make an Unholy Death Knight whom I aptly named Duläk. I leveled him to 61 and grew bored with him as well. I do not see myself returning to the world of Azeroth unless it's via WC3.

    Currently, I am playing EverQuest and probably will be for a long time to come. I didn't bother to list any of the other MMOs I've played/tried out b/c it would take way too long.

  6. The character I play... Due to the long and winding pen and paper past, all my characters have their own personalities. Of all the characters my favourite has been the original BullCopra, who emerged on a now defunct private server and he is the reason I'm playing now.

    Currently I'm torn by two characters I play in Alliance side: my prot warrior and holy priest. The opposite ends of the scale, as it seems. But as a player they compliment each other: when I get enough of the 'omgwtfthehlrsuxx' in the PUGs I'm healing, I switch to the 'tanksuxx' side. At one session I'm beating the crap out of things, and the second I'm healing the crap out of things.

    Usually my characters, whatever they may be, are pretty calm, usually super calm, zen-buddhist types. I also somehow shun from the pet classes and pure dps: somehow that doesn't count as being fun. Then again, BullCopra was warrior, Copra (my first 'official WoW-character') was a druid started before TBC, and I'm still very much a druid-lover at heart.

    Like I stated, they all have their own personalities and aims. My holy priest is dedicating her life to vanguishing Scourge, and is aiming to Eastern Plaguelands (at level 40!). My prot warrior, on the other hand, is always seeking the opposition that is a bit higher than him, for the challenge and fun, hunting down the mobs in Outlands at the moment.

    In EQ2, however, my characters -except for one templar- were hyperactive, violent and rude beings. Somehow that just suited the game's theme.

    The decision comes at the character creation screen, really, looking through the races and classes, pondering which would be most challenging or most like what I would like to commit to. Like the first Copra druid, I chose druid because no-one was playing it at that time. And -pardon me saying so- I played it pretty good then.

    Off we go.


  7. When I was first introduced to WoW by a friend I assumed I would fall into one of my two typical pen and paper game characters: the elven rogue or the barbarian orc.

    However, the opening cinematic of the game lead me in a completely different direction. Night-elf druid? I've never had too much interest in tree huggers or caster types, but the shape shifting instantly caught my interest, because who wouldn't like transforming into a ferocious feline and mauling someones face?


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