Monday, January 5, 2009

Earthrise - Beta Sign-ups Begin

Thanks to for giving out some good news so early into the year. The MMORPG Earthrise has started to take beta invites. You may recall I've mentioned this sci-fi game before.(If you don't recall, you can read the story here.) Before you go rushing like madmen to sign up, go read up on Earthrise's forums for a little bit of Q&A(A link to their forums here. You're welcome hehe.)

This should be of interest to some blogger I know.(I'm looking at you Edge.) I can't vouch for the rest of you, but a decently looking sci-fi MMORPG would be refreshing after the swarm of fantasy games. At least it should tide me over until Star Wars:The Old Republic.

I hope.

EarthRise Beta Sign-up Page.

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  1. And what is funny is I really HATE the Sci-Fi MMO's I have played so far.
    It almost seems like me and Sci-Fi do not mix well.
    Yet, when I play a console game, the Sci-Fi games seem to be more fun..
    Maybe the platform is the issue.
    If I shoot, I need a controller, if I skill fight (like MMO's) key and mouse are better.
    But, I like the concept here visually (the war torn Earth setting of the future), so I better get signed
    Wish me luck!


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