Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wizard 101 - Brief glimpse

As I mentioned in yesterday's post Tipa over at West Karana got me wanting to try Wizard 101. I've only got a brief chance to play it today, but that was really enough for me to break out laughing at times. I got some VERY interesting pictures that I think you'll appreciate. I would put them up now, however I'm at a friend's house and don't have access to my computer.

I'm being so very anti-social at the moment. However I wanted to give a few updates so you realize I'm still alive and breathing. I can say that so far Wizard 101 is very entertaining. I'm going to sit down and play it for a few hours once I get home and then talk about my initial thoughts upon this unique MMOG Card game. If you've ever heard of Magic: The Gathering, you'll have a small idea of the game...except it's an MMO.

Still no word with I'm tapping my foot with a small twitch upon my brow. Anyway I better split. People are glaring at me and starting to find sharp objects. As I need my organs..I'll post later tonight.

Kick gnomes.

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