Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gnome + Deathknight = Deathgnome?

I would love to say I had an witty anecdote that involved this post's title. That would be a lie however. I normally think of interesting things to write about while at my horribly boring day job.(Sadly, this ISN'T my day job. Maybe...some day..) However today I played slacker in that regard. I had assumed would finish sending me the rest of their answers.

So far all I've got answered was the nice introduction question that is basically " Here is some free shameless self-advertisement " that you hear about in any interview. However the more important questions such as..

Question 2. If you would explain the two patents that are both the source of the lawsuit and of most of the anger toward

Question 3. No sense in ignoring the huge elephant in the room so let's discuss your lawsuit with NCSoft. A question on a lot of gamers minds are why is starting the lawsuit now. The two patents that have been infringed upon, if I'm reading them correctly, have been for several years by different companies. Yet it wasn't until near the end of 2008 that took legal action. Why?

Question 4. Another question I'm hearing on blogs, forums, and news websites are why NCSoft? Was there something in particular that made choose that company over other companies?

Question 5. I know you may not be able to discuss it, but is planning on taking any legal action against other MMO companies such as SOE?

Question 6. A good number of people are labeling as a "patent troll". That both patents were intentionally made ONLY to file lawsuit in the future. What are you thoughts on these opinions and what would you say to the online community to try to placate their, for lack of a better word, rage?

..are left unanswered. These are just a few of the questions I gave to Thom. I would also (more than likely) have additional comments after reading his answers. I can only assume that the people over at are quite busy.

Outside of that, I've been quite busy making a little World of Warcraft comic that was inspired by something I did once during a guild raid for laughs. I'll be using in-game pics so you won't have to see my horrible artistic skills.(Tipa's Spellborn comic was somewhat an inspiration to do this. You can see that over at West Karana.)

A friend of mine who DOES have artistic skill is currently hard at work making a new header for me. He estimates it to be done sometime this weekend, so hopefully I can show that off soon and end the ugly header we currently use. I have no idea who made that..but they should be shot. (Coughs)

Simple n Complex , the blog owned by OpenEdge1, gives some further proof of my prophecy that Micro-Transactions will invade the West. (You can read my post about it here.)

So a slow blog day I must say. I could list a ton of reasons of why I'm not writing an article or reviewing a game, but frankly there is only one that would ever make sense. I love writing about MMOs, however

I'm playing them.

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