Friday, November 7, 2008

EverQuest 2

Don't let the title fool you. EverQuest 2 has almost no relation to it's predecessor. While having the same story*Same deities, some cities, and landmasses*, the game play is entirely different. It plays, in terms of combat similar to other MMO's, but have a nifty lil combo system that I found to be very entertaining. Basically you cast a " Combo " starter ability/spell, then follow it up with a spell that shares a school with this wheel that will pop up on your screen*Lightning bolt icon = Evocation, so ..yeah*. What this does is gives you an added benefit, such as extra damage or a huge return to your mana pool. If you do this in a group however, the benefit can be massive. The graphics are also very nice, with great detail on the character's themselves. There is also a hefty bit of voice acting from nps, which increases the ambiance of the game. However if you were a fan of EQ1's focus on large raids and everything taking a massive amount of your time, you may not enjoy EQ2. It seems to focus on " feel like you accomplished something in an hour ", which may appeal to a lot of people. The crafting system is also very in depth and rewarding, with no limits of how many professions you can do.

The Good
  • Great character customization, if not the best of MMO's.
  • Spell combo system is fun, keeps combat entertaining.
  • Voice acting helps with the feel of the game, you feel like your in Norrath.
  • More quests then you can shake a stick at.

The Bad

  • A lot of expansions to buy...A lot.
  • Content " patches " that are free for other games cost money here.
  • Not very clear of where to go for your level bracket unless you ask other players.
  • A lot of walking, especially when your starting out.

I would highly suggest this game, despite the flaws. Though the rate of expansions does bother me, as does paying money for lil patches that World of Warcraft gives out for free, this game is a blast to play if you enjoy Fantasy MMORPG at all. I give this game a 9/10.


  1. Hey;

    Don't forget Eve Online! I tried WoW and the others, there's no comparison.

    Eve Rocks!

    Rodney Lewis

  2. Trust me I was never going to bypass Eve Online. I tried the trial a few months back and fell in love with it, but never could afford ANOTHER monthly subscription. It was one of the few MMO's out there that broke away from the WoW mold.


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