Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The place to help you find the right MMO for you!

Hello, and welcome to The MMO Experience Blog! The place where you can get the pro's and con's on today's MMO'S! A few years ago, this wasn't really much of a choice. You had EverQuest, Ultima Online, and really not much else. However, in recent years the evolution of this genre of game has truly gone from massive to gargantuan. But which should you buy? All of them have a hefty price tag upfront, not to mention the monthly fees. Some are nice enough to offer a free trial to let you try before you buy, but not all of them give this option. It is truly painful (Especially to your wallet) for you to pick up the latest MMO only to find you can't fathom why it had so much hype! So instead, I'll give you the lowdown of each MMO. What it excels at, what it doesn't deliver, and other information.

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