Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is, perhaps, the MMO that started it all in terms of true Massively Multiplayer Online gaming as we know it today. Though not the powerhouse that World of Warcraft is today, in it's prime it was truly an experience. After ten long years, it's still running...and still making expansions. Two a year infact. Despite that*expansions get expensive*, and the fact there are almost less then half the servers then they had, it's still a game I would recommend to any " hardcore" MMO fan. By hardcore I mean you are willing to take DAYS of playing simply to level up. In comparison to the newer generation of online games, this will suck your life dry. Rather you believe that to be a good thing, or bad, is up to you. However, in terms of size, I've yet to see a game larger. The world is massive, as are the various planes of existance. Some raids could have over 50+ people, and even then fail due to a simple mistake made by any of those people.

The Good
  • Tons and Tons of content, you will NOT run out of things to do.
  • Massive. Just plain ol Massive. Maybe even titan'ish.
  • The GM's have a sense of humor.( I got turned into a spectre once..just to mess with me)

The Bad

  • Until you're max level, prepare to be alone in a huge world..very very alone.
  • Two expansions a year that are almost equal to free patches other games release...
  • Outdated graphics, style is nice..but still. Polygon city.
  • Alot of " zoning ". Prepare to say hi to the loading screen.

Something worthy to note. Sony does have a lil device called " HotZones ". Basically if you are questing or killing in whichever zone the hotzone is for that week/month/etc, you'll get bonus exp. This has the advantage of not only giving you more exp, but encouraging others in your level brackett to hunt there. However, while this is the MMO that got me into the genre ten years ago, I gotta give this game a 6/10. It will hook you, but it will require major work to be any type of contender against the new Kings.

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