Sunday, December 21, 2008

2009 Hopefully Good Games..

With another year fast approaching, and the current one slowly fading out of our memories, it's time to start drooling over some MMOs that are still baking in the oven..or however they make games. They DO bake right? Anyway, a quick glimpse of some games that may (or may not) grace us in the next year.

JumpGate Evolution
- A space MMOG*Massive Multiplayer Online Game* that looks entertaining. Jumpgate Evolution uses a "twitch" based combat system, so you have full control of your ship. With shiny graphics and doing away with turn-based combat, I really except this game to be a success. Release Date: Q2 of 2009*Not set in stone*

MegaTen - An MMORPG set in the world of Shin Megami Tensei, this game is quite fun. With a combat system that is more interactive than most MMORPGs, a unique pet system, and a dark atmosphere I think this game will be one of Aeria Games biggest successes. And probably one of the few good MT/F2P MMORPGs. Release date: Unknown*I suspect Q2-Q3 2009*

Aion - I want to play Aion. With that said, the game is visually stunning, and features some unique features*Such as flying for all characters, and aerial combat*. However there are many people worried it will be a "grind" fest. Only time will tell. Release Date:Unknown*The stars say Q3-Q4 2009*

Earthrise - An MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. Earthrise looks pretty and is a nice trend away from the fantasy backdrop most MMORPGs use. You can read a detailed preview of it here. Release Date: Unknown

Guild Wars 2
- Following the previous entry, the sequel will still support no subscription fees, which I think is an excellent idea ;). Considering how much fun the first Guild Wars was, I can't wait to see this one in action.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Bioware's latest creation is last on this list because it's the one I'm most excited about. With the promise of the fourth "pillar" known as story to be included, I'm drooling. Add in the Star Wars IP to the mix of Bioware's record for quality video games, this seems to be a perfect union. One COULD say they have joined forces and became more powerful than you can possibly imagine.*Bad Joke..sorry. I had to*

So that's my list of hopefully good games that will hopefully be released in 2009. While there are other non-MMORPGs I'm looking forward to, I gotta stay on task. Now I must go. I just purchased Resistance: Fall of Man for my spanking new PS3. If you must know why I got it instead of brand new sequel, I wanted to know the storyline first...

And it was cheaper! Oh, in case you too own a Playstation 3, my PSN is Danshir. You are more than free to add me and we can get some gaming on.


  1. Just a heads Star Wars or Guild Wars this year (as all indicators have shown)
    The rest of the list is full of niche titles that will sell maybe ok, but never be a hit...which is sad.
    I hope Earthrise launches as that game interests me, and Aion should be fun, but reminds me too much of the old school MMO's.
    Ah well, 2010 should be good.

  2. I refuse to hear no Star Wars for 2009 simply because I want it so. I'm sad to hear about Guild Wars, but if Beta starts in 2009 I will not lose my mind. However with Jumpgate, Earthrise, MegaTen, and Aion I should be pretty busy.

    Oh, Edge. =) Wait until you see the last boss on Homecoming..

  3. I dont know if I want to. I just took on the boss after my Fathers death...that thing sucked...yet, on my 5th try, I killed it it's moves were predictable enough..Scarlet? Not so much.
    As to GW2 beta, NCSoft has already stated they will NOT have a standard beta like most MMO's, so again, we will never know if it is ready or not until it is done...
    As to Aion, I personally like the style, and hope it is good. But, my hopes are dim, as it looks pretty, and so did AoC, which disappointed out of the gate.
    Time will tell.


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