Friday, December 26, 2008

What got you into MMORPGs?

Since I'm still winding down from the great rush of the holidays, and trying to figure out how to make time for Metal Gear Solid 4(I'm a big fan of the series), I thought to simply throw out a simple discussion for today. What got you into MMORPGs? What game in particular hooked you in to the social phenomenon that has escalated so much in recent years*Cough cough World of Warcraft cough cough*.

For myself it was EverQuest. I was a young lad, filled with promised as I tried playing this strange "multi-player" RPG. Now back in the days when Ruins of Kunark was first released the game was a lot harder than it is now. It was tough just getting enough money for a few spells let alone decent equipment. Yet I was transfixed by the game play and how massive the world was. It was really hard to put down. I missed many hours of sleep due to EverQuest*Or EverCrack, as it was called then*

So what got YOU into MMORPGs? Leave a comment telling what hooked you into this addicting hobby. Also you may notice on the lower right I'm now part of MassiveBlips. If you think a particular post is good go over there and vote it up to show your support. You'll get a free cookie!*

*You may not get a free cookie.

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  1. What got me into MMOs you ask? Well that's simple. You, Danshir, and our friend the Fro. Nuff said.


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