Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Star Wars, JumpGate Evolution, and World of Warcraft

A few updates in the whole news department for some MMORPGs today. Some of it neat, some of it not, and the rest is just filler so you'll read more. OK that last bit was a lie. There has been some interesting news so lets get started shall we?

SWTOR(Star Wars The Old Republic) : Gamespy had an interesting interview with Bioware a few days ago about SWTOR. Since it's a rather lengthy interview I'll just post a link about it here, however it IS worth a read if your curious about the title. You can read it here.

JumpGate Evolution : A neat little challenge to celebrate the holidays is going on over at JumpGate's website. It's open to everyone, with an unlimited amount of entries, and can score you a beta invite if you win.
Jumpgate Evolution Christmas Challenge
To celebrate the festivities of the holidays we’ve got a new challenge for you, the members of the community! The challenge is to generate the best caption for one (or both) of the screenshots we’ve provided, (below). But we don’t want you to provide any old caption (that would be too easy); we want it to be associated with a festive winter or New Year’s theme!

The winning entry will receive a Beta key, a custom forum title, custom forum avatar and a goodie bag and will be known as the caption contest king/ queen, until we run another challenge!

Check here if you wanna grab yourself some goodies. I have a few ideas for my own entry but as I believe I am lacking in wit, I can only hope one of you win instead of those that don't view my website*Blast them!*.

World of Warcraft : Also in the news today is the legendary giant, WoW. With a bit of both good and bad news however. The good news is that 4 million copies of the new expansion were sold in the first month of release. So Wrath of the Lich King is selling pretty well.*I'm not Captain Obvious, I'm King Obvious*. In another milestone event, WoW subscribers has now grown to more than 11.5 million. People are constantly throwing around the term " WoW Killer ", referring to the next possible MMO that will topple WoW. However I think at this point the only possible cause of death for this titan is some infection.

With that in mind, the recent attacks on EVE players(Read here) is happening to WoW players as well! While Blizzard didn't release any official information, they did state that a number of game accounts have been compromised. They also give several options to help protect accounts from piracy,hacking, and other "social" engineering. Be careful not just in Azeroth, but outside it as well. Else you may not even respawn at all.*Bad joke...*

At this point World of Warcraft can only be killed from the inside*IE Blizzard*. There are plenty of solid MMORPGs coming out in the near future. However I foresee them more fighting over the population of gamers that have become disenchanted with WoW instead of fighting for Blizzard's fan base. Until then however it's just guesswork and speculation.

Also, a little update. I'm getting VERY little feedback except from an excited Cownose about a possible future World of Warcraft + both expansions giveaway. If I don't hear anything from at least a good chunk of people then I will have to put this on the back burner for the future. So if you ARE interested, please leave a comment to this post, Free copy of WoW.

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