Thursday, December 25, 2008

Red 5 Interview

If the company " Red 5 " is unfamiliar to you'll want to get to know them real quick. Red 5 is a company formed of mostly ex-Blizzard employees. (Random Nerd Fact - It is also the X-wing Luke Skywalker pilots in "A New Hope".) The founders are Mark Kern(Team Lead), William Petras(Art Director), and Taewon Yun(Part of the Korean Operations that oversaw WoW's release in Asia). And they are making an MMORPG.

Got your attention yet?

Gamasutra got an interview with some of the high ups over at Red 5, talking about potential focus of their upcoming MMORPG, Micro-Transactions vs Subscription, game addiction, and other such subjects. You can read the full interview here. However don't expect any release dates, pictures, or even the name of the stealthy MMORPG. Red 5 is keeping their lips sealed until a future date*Which is hinted to be approaching in a few months!*

With a company consisting of mostly ex-Blizzard employees, I can only drool over what they could possibly be making over there. I'll keep you posted as soon as any information is made official.

Author's Note - I said I wouldn't be posting anything until later tonight..well. I can't help it, I love doing this ;).


  1. Yeah, I'm keeping my eye on this. They haven't released any information with substance but their claim to be making an MMO where the players can actually CHANGE the world over time definitely got my attention.

  2. Sounds interesting to be sure. When players have an actual impact on the game they're playing, it makes the game more realistic as well as more fun. Fable for example is awesome b/c you can do anything you want. Same goes for Morrowind but those are all single player games sadly. Morrowind would be an awesome MMO, or at least it should be able to be played via TCP/IP or something along those lines.

  3. Actually there has been a mod in the works*This was some time ago, I'll look into it later* that was Modding Morrowind to play via TCP/IP. I don't know if they succeeded or not, but they had a lot of public support.

    TOR(The Old Republic)by Bioware also claims to be able to have story elements that are absent in all other MMORPGs. Here is to hoping for more interaction/story from this genre.

    And less FPS.


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