Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holy Dual Contests! Free World of Warcraft

I've spoken about a possible World of Warcraft + Expansions contest. However I'm going to up the ante here. I will have TWO contests, with possibly both prizes being The Complete WoW package. I have already decided on a format too. Is this contest IN STONE? No.

Not until I get enough interest to make it worth going out and buying 2 copies of WoW, TBC, and Wrath. It may sound evil*I am pretty evil*, but it just has to be done this way. I would love to do this however, I'm practically itching to do it. Why? It just sounds fun to give out some holiday presents to fellow gamers.

So here are the rules. I again state this contest will NOT happen unless I get some public interest. So slap your friends, make them interested, and repeat as needed. However I will go into the two contests.

1st one: A basic raffle. I will either use a computer program or literally take a name out of a hat to pick the winner here. Everyone that signs up gets only one entry*Though donations MAY get you additional tickets...Just kidding ;)*. I will put out a huge post regarding the rules once this becomes reality.

2nd one: A true contest. I've always wanted to get people to post up MMO stories/fanfics, so I'm gonna have to force it to happen. You'll have to write some type of story based on your character in whatever MMO you play or would like to play. I'll try to get some multiple judges for this one, and the best one wins. The winner, and those that didn't win*losers*, will get their fanfics/stories posted up on the webpage to show off their writing "skillz".

I've already decided that I will allow people to participate in both contests, so you are not limited to one or the other*Though you ARE limited to one entry per contest*. For the last time I will say this contest is not in stone, these are NOT the official rules. If you want this to happen, let people know about it, have them show they are interested either by leaving a comment here or by emailing me at ThaShirow@gmail.com

That is all.

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