Friday, December 5, 2008

An EverQuest Experience: My hatred toward huts..

"You got the wrong guy, I didn't kill anyone.."

This is my Beastlord, Ahrimin. As you may have gathered from my previous posts I'm hunting in Blackfeather Roost. Despite my Iskar heritage, my worship of the God of Fear Cazic-Thule, and the sharp pointy thing in my hand...I'm a nice guy. However my sunny disposition didn't sway the Harpies from attacking me for no reason. After defending myself, I was told by a local satyr I should probably destroy all the harpy huts I come across. If I do, he'll somehow give me experience points. Since I do everything other people tell me....I found I suddenly hate huts. Passionately.

"I'm insane with anger!"

So as I reach higher up the cliffs, I find the huts that weird satyr was speaking of. The sight of them drove me apparently into a bloodthirsty madness. I suddenly rushed up to the hut and started bashing it in with my fists. Aside from hurting my hands it had no real effect. These huts must have been made out of...something harder then fists! I had no choice but to use my natural powers of ice. So I prepared to send icy coldness and...cold the hut into dust!

"Why are my feet melting in the glowie?!?!"

It did the trick! My Ice shard ripped the hut apart, revealing more evil harpies! I wondered how they got in there and how they planned on getting out as we battled. It's as if they were as stupid as me. The fight didn't last long, possibly due to the atrophy the harpies have undergone due to being locked in a hut for so long. I spent the rest of the day ripping open the homes of individuals that had sealed themselves in.

In short, it was fun. I'm hoping to get up to 65 soon. However it's a huge pain to get my 63-65 spells as no one really hunts in those areas anymore. Oh well, I'll cope with it somehow. Tomorrow is my first impressions of Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine. So far I can say the game is a blast. Until then!

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