Monday, December 1, 2008

A EverQuest Experience: Why the %#@& did you succor us?!

I try to post between my reviews, previews, and just idle thoughts of the games we love to become addicted to the point our spouse leaves us with stories of my own personal gaming experience. Well this one happened just a few minutes earlier, so I'm a bit steamed about it still. I was hunting in Blackfeather Roost still, all decked out at 62 with a brand new pet and everything. The day had seemed to be a good one in Norrath, as the Enchanted Harpy blade dropped, a item that focuses your pet spells to be a level higher.

So I suddenly have an even better pet, and getting some great AA experience. The leader of my party, a Beserker, invites a druid to join us. Druid is one of those very quiet players, which is never a good sign. So we proceed further up the roost. After a while we come across a named spawn and a quest mob that the beserker needed.

The druid runs up, aggros them both, then aggros some more harpies. He brings 6 mobs into our camp and wipes almost everyone. I escaped thanks to my brave lil warder and my running like hell. Everyone gets rezzed, and we attempt round 2...

The druid AGAIN runs up, aggros the named and the quest mob, and then SUCCORS us to Butcherblock Mountains. If you are unfamiliar with the spell Succor, it teleports the whole party to a location. Its basic use is as a " Oh Crap " spell to save the whole party from dying. We were not dying at the time, so there was no reason to use this. So here we are in Butcherblock. A good 30 minutes to a hour run back to where we were.

It ruined a great hunting day. I hate that druid now.

So much.

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