Monday, December 1, 2008

JumpGate Evolution : A closer look

A few eons ago I promised to take a deeper look into JumpGate Evolution. Well the time of prophecy has come! I've gathered as much information as I could about the game, though hopefully I can steal myself a Beta invite so I can give a first hand review. However until that day I have pilfered through forums, gazed at pictures, and read all I could about this very interesting MMOG(Massive Multiplayer Online Game).

JumpGate Evolution is, as you probably guessed already, a Space MMO. Now while the majority of the world is used to MMO games like World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, EverQuest, and so on JumpGate doesn't play at all like they do. Instead of a turn-based combat system, it will use a more action based twitch combat. So for your attacks hit or miss, if you dodge or not, will depend on your ability rather then how high your offense or defense skills are. This in particular is what attracts me to the game. Most MMO games are kinda bland when it comes to combat, all the you hitting/missing/evading etc is all based upon some number that you have barely any control over gets rather dull.

So while combat is controlled by your fingers and reflexes, there are crafting and trade professions that are controlled by the usual MMO way. However there are no restrictions to these, you can do them all, or none. Also with no restrictions are the " Classes ". While not used in the typical sense, you do have different types of ships. Light to heavy combat ships, mining vessels, and so on. However there is no restrictions to the ships either. If you wanted to be a miner and fly around in a heavy combat frigate, you can.

Hopefully I can get a spot for Beta testing, so I can post how the actual gameplay is. However until then I can only say the game sounds great. Also bare in mind the pictures above were taken from the games alpha stage, so there may be slight changes or major. If you want to look at the huge gallery of pictures or just read more about this game, go to JumpGate Evolution!

Until then, take care!

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  1. I too look forward to being a beta tester for this game. It appears to be pretty awesome.


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