Saturday, December 6, 2008

Your own personal Leeroy Jenkins

Occasionally I get afflicted with gargantuan amounts of laziness and rather you write than myself. That or I'm curious of your opinions on certain subject matters and leave the floor up to you. Either way, I propose if you dare to share some of the moments when you've "Noob'ed" it up. Some error that while hilarious was also disastrous! To get the ball going I'll share one of my MANY adventures that dubbed me Barney Fife at one point.

I was on my rogue one day playing World of Warcraft. My guild had got together to kill Onyxia, who was at the time a pretty big thing. So we're all lined up, talking over Ventrillo and preparing to rip her a new one. I was on the Even side, so I'm suppose to go left while half the raid goes right, and the main tank charges straight through.

I however "slipped" a finger while talked to someone next to me explaining what was about to happen * I was showing off...but soon I would be failing at showing off =(*. So as my fingers betrayed me I ran right into the whelps and didn't stop. So the eggs pop, whelps pop all around me....

And the raid wiped. Big time. No one was ready for whelps or even expecting it at a very easy part of the fight. Needless to say my friend was laughing quite a bit at my mistake. Anyway *cough* we proceeded to recover from the wipe and killed her. Though the guild is now fully disbanded now, we still chat together on our old forums. I'm still dubbed "Barney Fife" for this and many other incidents.

There! I shared! Your turn!

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