Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blade & Soul

Well this game completely slipped under my radar. Thanks to a great post by GuitarAtomik over at I found yet another game to drool over. Blade & Soul is a MMORPG currently being developed by NCSoft, makers of such famous MMORPGs such as City of Heroes. Sadly the game's website is in Korean so I'm unable to read it. Thankfully the pictures speak for themselves. The game is simply stunning. Both the graphics and combat are fluid, fast, and remind me of the pace of games like Ninja Gaiden.

Just a guess...M rating?

Apparently from what I've learned the game isn't turn based like most MMORPGs but more of an action game. Another turn away from it's MMORPG brothers and sisters is the focus on individual play and small groups. So don't expect any hardcore 60 man raids here. So far there are only two races available, the Jin(Swords and Sorcery) and the Gon(They use fists..). Traditional classes are going out of the window, instead opting for a more hybrid version so players can fulfill multiple roles. two swords versus....*starts counting*

Probably the neatest feature is the stereotypical "Wall run". Yup, you can run on walls just like all those nifty action games. While nothing is clear if this ability is limited to only certain areas, all races are able to pull it off. Hopefully this hints at more interactive environment for MMORPGs, adding a more tactical flavor to the genre. However if it's limited to just certain parts I think I'll make some tears.

So..I'm guessing there are dungeons..

One thing I've not heard heads or tails is the inclusion of instances and the like. Judging from NCSoft's past use in City of Heroes I'm going to judge yes. If the dungeons and other instances are as detailed at the picture above I may need to upgrade my computer some more. The Texture work is amazing for a MMORPG. However with graphics this powerful this game may actually backfire on them. With so many users having mediocre computers, many people will not be able to run this. After initial disappointment they might find themselves back in the arms of Blizzard or other MMORPGs with easier game requirements.


Only time well tell if this graphical powerhouse will be a contender against the current Lord of MMORPGs, World of Warcraft. Closed Beta is roughly scheduled for sometime in 2009. With Blizzard releasing an expansion a year so far it may have a hard time capturing the audience it needs to be a success. Until then, here is a video from YouTube showing the game in action!


  1. Sorry man...there are no contenders for WoW at this time except for the next MMO Blizzard releases...

    Just a hard fact.

    Also, anytime any game uses Anime based graphics, this is an instant strike against the game, being called a Korean Grinder or Asian XP ands PoT fest...
    Look at Aion, which I feel will be an excellent game, yet has such a small following in the Western Countries.
    Asian countries eat that stuff up, and I have been watching Blade and Soul, which looks awesome, but again, will be put down due to it's overall art style.
    Wish this was not the case though...

    Anyways, good post though. Wish one of these games could do better here, but they need to learn a few lessons (look at Shin Megami, which starts out unique, and has already fallen into a grind by level 10...ugh)

  2. A grind already at level 10?

    *single tear drop*

  3. The game looks pretty solid. With NCSoft's backing it should do well.

    I agree with Openedge, I probably wouldn't even bother suggesting that an new MMO would be a contender against WoW. Only company that can beat WoW is Blizzard.

  4. People thought the same for EverQuest, then WoW pummeled it senseless. While I don't think this particular title has a chance to beat WoW due to such heavy system requirements* I can only imagine* and other issues, I wouldn't be surprized if an MMO came out of no where and toppled it.

    I'm not hoping one does, I like WoW, I have issues with it that I hope they fix, but it's mostly a good game.

  5. Blade & Soul 0wnz ALLFebruary 9, 2009 at 5:14 PM

    NCSoft > Blizzard on MMORPG´s

    WoW = Disney World


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