Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shin Megami Tensei(aka MegaTen) Continued..?

I've been beta testing some more of MegaTen lately, despite me saying I wouldn't play the game for another week due to disconnects and such. I must say I'm finding myself enjoying the game despite that and the dreaded approach of monster grinding. Why? I'm really enjoying the combat, and just the very feel of the game. It's hard to put into words.

Atmosphere? Ambiance? It's the same urge that sucker punched me into EverQuest years ago, and made me stay up to the dawn hours just so I could get enough money for my spells(EQ was A LOT harder back then)

I STILL have complaints about MegaTen. FIX THE RUN SPEED PEOPLE. It should be raised at least 150%. Also, a bit more detail to the map/mini map. Other then that and a few other glitches/bugs one expects to be in a Beta I'm quite happy with it. I did tell everyone I was gonna play DOMO finally, but I'm glued to Shin Megami lol.

Maybe tomorrow.

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