Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An EverQuest Experience: Oh....no...

I'm sure there is something philosophical about all this...I think

I've spoken before of my brand spanking new bard, Danshir! So far I've been having a blast with him, though I've yet to wander into the territory that is charm kiting. Well, I've also discovered that while having a fungi makes one powerful, you are not invincible. Following the sacred path of fast experience points, I went to the hotzone for my level area(Before yesterday's patch) which was The Feerrot. A swamp infested Ogre land of evil. Yet I was lost in here, for all the creatures were grey cons.

Uhh...I think I'm lost...and yet I have a map...

So here I am, pounding my drum with some beat a guy named Selos made up, running like a madman. All the while yelling at the tops of my lungs, hoping to stumble upon my prey. After a good 20 minutes of wandering around while chatting to someone, I remember where the higher level monsters are. So I went bravely forward, without a sliver of fear. Why should I? I have a fungi...

Yay, blue cons!

I finally found monster my level, ranging from blue cons to red! With glee I decided to use some of the same tactics I've been using. However in the madness that the fungi laid upon me, I had forgotten some of the more basic rules of combat in EverQuest. Rules that keep you alive and prevent you from losing a nice chunk of exp(Which I found is a lot less then it used to be..). So I ran up to three of these Tae Ew..

I'm about to epic fail..just wait..

So I get the lovely bit of knowledge that I pulled a bunch of "paladins". So while they are constantly healing themselves, I'm trying to interrupt them with ye ol bard mez. The fight takes ages, keeping one mez'ed and trying to interrupt the other one before he can pull a heal and give him 20% more health. After what seemed an eternity I managed to kill one, then proceeded to stab the other. When I finally stopped the constant chain healing, he started to run away(ha!).

He ran into a whole temple load of the Tae Ew, several healers immediately healed my opponent. While a legion of warriors gave me the /rude and proceeded to charge. It was at this point I recalled I had a snare song, I just didn't bother to memorize it. I mean...I had fungi..why bother...

There is no such thing as being too twinked I found, as I was being lacerated and had to resort to running like crazy if I wanted to live. I felt like an idiot for not remembering some of the lessons EQ taught me years ago if you didn't want a good pull to turn bad. So the moral of this story that I ill constructed and lived?

Fungi is a bad thing.

Even after running away this far, I still had some monsters on me...I had like 12..


  1. I recall days like that on my rogue... Ah well, I now play a monk and will be catching up to you soon enough once my work schedule calms down a bit as well as my home schedule. Just a hunch, but I'll be bringing my daughter home from the baby store this weekend ^_^

  2. Heh :) Charm kiting used to be so uber...

  3. Kiting in general used to be uber...now the monster has to stand still for my dots to work?

    Blast you Sony..


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