Wednesday, December 10, 2008

EverQuest & EverQuest 2 goes RMT! And I fight it!

Why do I smell poo..

Recently Sony has injected the RMT into EverQuest and EverQuest 2. To those who have no idea what I'm talking about, you pay real money for virtual money to buy non-existant items. These can range from potions that give you increased exp gains from monsters, AA, unique graphics for armor/weapons, and other such in-game goodies. While there are quite a large amount of MMORPGs that run this kind of setup, most of them use this instead of subscription fees.

So does this mean EQ 1&2 will soon be MT MMORPGs? While I cannot speak for the changes in EQ2(Please talk to Tipa , she has all the lowdown on that) the changes in EQ1 are kinda bleh. It seems what Sony is hoping to cash in on is people paying for the 3 defiant armor pieces/1 defiant weapon package and EXP potions. While no player in their right mind will purchase the former, I foresee a lot of people doing the latter.

Yet I'm still PAYING for my EQ! If your going to introduce RMT then at least give me some kind of announcement that if this is successful you'll let me play for free. So in a frenzy of rage fueled by whatever drink happens to be at my desk, I decided to take my fury out on Sony itself! I asked my ooc channel where I could find HQ of Sony...and they told me it was..

I have to go in there....*holds his nose*

After I dove through the pipe filled with things I rather not discuss. I found myself in some strange crypt. However I didn't see anyone from SOE. I was betrayed by my own online community! I was shocked and stunned and covered in ooze. However I found to my surprize another trapped visitor. A gnome was apparently thrown in here by a bunch of Ogres. So, I asked for his aid...

Wait...why am I a satyr...what WAS that brown stuff...

Apparently I was looking in the wrong direction entirely! Thanks to this lil guys help I now knew where to find SOE's HQ. So I patted him on the head, gave him a cookie, and escaped. I hope he knows that red stone at the entrance is the zone out. Oh well. I began preparing my assault, and diving in the waters in the Plane of Tranquilty to clean myself. I'm sure Quellious won't mind.

So this is SOE...figures.

At last I found the gargantuan citadel of SOE. I must say I stood in awe of the monstrosity. This is what I would be fighting? I am but a sole Iskar. So I brought out my warder and suddenly I felt a lot better. That or the few swigs of liquid courage helped. Regardless, I charged on toward the gates drunk with power and...liquor. I wasn't too surprized that once I arrived at the gates a welcoming community had been made for me...

The guards at SOE were no match for my Kung Pow reenactment...

After defeating the two guards, I bravely walked up to the main gates. I knew now nothing could stop me. I felt silly for being afraid eariler. I mean, after all, one man CAN make a difference! Right? So I went up to the door....

And it was locked. W.T.F. After all this epic story I am left blinking at a door and shaking my fist at the giggling SOE employees. I kicked the door in frustration(Ow!Steel > Toe) and limped away in disgrace. I lost to a door.


Author's Note - I have nothing against SOE, they are swell people. So please take this article in the light it was made, humor. I also don't mind RMT personally unless it destroys the balance of the game. What do YOU think about it however? I know a lot of bloggers are discussing it, so it's a hot topic.

Not the store though, that's a different ...oh..Nevermind.

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