Sunday, December 7, 2008

An EverQuest Experience: A song of death..

28 song of total destruction...

Well, I got bored last night on my Beastlord. I didn't know if it was me itching to play some more Shin Megami Tensei or if I was just utterly tired of a pet class in a MMORPG. I've played two in World of Warcraft, one in EverQuest years ago, and one in EverQuest 2. However what to play? I've played every class save one to at least 50, and I detest doing stuff over again with nothing new to look forward to. What is the one class I've never tried? The Bard! Thus begins my journey...

However I couldn't start naked. I've made too many characters and leveled up too many times the slow way. So I decided to "twink" the living crap out of myself for giggles. As I was sitting there, thinking what do you even get a bard in terms of gear someone in the auction channel says..

" WTS Fungi tunic, pst! "

Is this fate? I've wanted a fungi tunic ever since I've heard about the item years ago in EQ, but could never afford it. I'm however no where near poor now, so I send the seller a tell asking about the price..

" Hey, how much for the fungi? "

"uhh...40k? "

...SOLD! I was expecting at least 50-100k, so I snatched that tunic up. Now knowing what to use as a chestpiece, I get a variety of cheap gear with a few decent weapons for my soon to be made bard. After about 30 minutes of shopping in Bazaar I finally get around to making my bard and transferring all the goodies over. I was expecting some near demi-god like power with the fungi at level one. I've never personally used one so I was quite excited to pull a few...thousand mobs.

You ever get that feeling...that your being followed...?

So I go out and pull every rat, bat, goblin, and spider I can find with my song Chords of Dissonance. A nice little PBAOE dot that attracted quite a few friends. However their taste of music was apparently foul, for they attacked me as soon as they heard a single note. So I keep running around like a madman. I heard somewhere that's all that bards do...but for some reason I doubt that. Anyway, when the dust settled a bit..

Training to be Fansy? Nahh...

I must say I had a ton of fun with this. I know it's wrong to twink a character so much and it kinda ruins the experience. However just this sheer amount of madness was a nice laugh and worth every piece of platinum. I think I'll try to be a good guy just like Fansy, minus training people for hours on end. Anyway, if you have any tips or tricks to give me to play a bard leave me a comment eh?

I have nothing witty to say here at all...bah!

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  1. Ah, to remember the good ol' days of exploring Norrath. I recall the days when I played my rogue, I done many things I shouldn't have been able to do with the crap gear that I had but I still managed to do it. I even recall backstabbing the God of Hate, old Innoruuk himself, for a grand total of 666. I used to have a screen shot that I would have posted here but I've suffered a severe HD failure where all that nifty stuff was. Ah well, I may be returning to the lands of Norrath to accompany my good friend Danshir on his travels... He has this....Habit....Of getting himself into lots of trouble unless I'm there to keep him out of it....Wow...I sound just like a Kender right there....


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