Thursday, December 11, 2008

What MMORPG would YOU like to play?

My wife brought up a very interesting idea to me today. We see PLENTY of fantasy MMORPGs(nothing wrong with that), Sci-Fi to some extent, and other popular formats. Yet there are some PRIME settings for a online game such as the ones we love to play that are not being tapped into.

So, I made a new poll, and I want ya to vote. It's just a click. You move the mouse over to what you would like to play..and presto! Your done. Fall for my manipulations, please.

I'll discuss each idea here, and let you vote.

Zombies - Every game here in 2008 seems to think if you throw zombies in the mix, you have a winner. And why not? Zombies are a blast! However there is no undead MMORPG. Think Deadrising but MMO. The goal wouldn't be to grind for items, but to simply survive. Also, let players PLAY as the zombies, where the goal is to eat the brains of the humans. Obviously a more PvP oriented game.

Legacy of Kain Series - Since Crystal Dynamics dropped this game years ago, despite it being a great series, lets pick it up! Play as a vampire/human in Nosgoth. If you have no idea what the Legacy of Kain series is....think reallllllyy dark fantasy.

Underworld - Another dark vampire like theme. The storyline that was ripped straight from White Wolf wouldn't be a bad game. Werewolves would be beserking madmen and the vampires can fall down really well.

Apocalypse MMO - A modern set MMO in the not so distant future. Some type of event ruined the planet. If done right this could be a great concept. Or a horrid one.

All the weird funny ideas I can think of at this late hour. As you can probably guess this isn't a truly serious discussion. Yet there ARE some tidbits of genius here*not by me*. A zombie mmo would be very entertaining I think. While there ARE some browser MMORPGs with zombies *such as Dead Frontier * there isn't any with a bit higher production values.

Maybe next year on that.

Author's Note - While writing this I recalled hearing about a Zombie MMORPG being developed, but things kinda got real quiet about it. After researching for a few minutes, I found the website. Still no beta, still no release dates or any ETA, but still. Check it out at Exanimus


  1. Actually a couple of these types are in the works..
    Secret World Horror MMO
    Which should contain a few of the elements you mention..
    There was one also by SOE, but can't remember...
    Basically I think Shadowrun or a Steampunk genre would work for me..
    I LOVED Shadowrun, and Megaten comes close to that...but fails thanks to the fact the game is just not that good.

    Ah well, we can always dream. 2009 for MMO's though is going to stink!

  2. Underworld would be a really fun setting for a pvpv based MMO game.

    I'd love to see a fallout mmo - i know it is beign touted although i wonder how it would work, probably difficult to do instances together.

  3. Yea, there are a ton of things that haven't been tapped into as far as MMO's go. Personally, I'm not a fan of PvP in any form or fashion...Mostly b/c I suck at it. But I've always been a fan of the whole White Wolf thing. Just never had a DM to run it when I was playing DnD. And on the mmo version, if it to ever have come out, instead of the Lycans being raving madmen, have them as enemy players. It would end up being a very PvP oriented game. Just my 2 cents.

  4. In WoW, playing as the Forsaken is essentially playing as zombies.

    Magic Realism like Jorge Borges, or science fantasy like Julian May's "Galactic Milieu". The tensions, war and politics of C.J. Cherryh's Alliance/Union books. I'd love to be part of one of the massive Family ships. The Buddhist/Hindi planet in Zelazny's "Lord of Light" or the battles between the hundred immortals of his "Creatures of Light and Darkness".

    There's lots of settings and lots of different kinds of games you can make. Blizzard, though, has set the bar so high, that moderate success is seen, mistakenly, as horrible failure.

  5. Well there ARE talks of a Wheel of Time MMORPG and I've heard a few hints of a "Song of Ice and Fire" MMO as well. Both of these intrigue me.

    However it seems there are plenty of MT MMORPGs coming out that are pretty decent. Maybe we'll see a more diverse selection...or will Niche titles close up just like Tabula Rasa is as you mentioned Edge on your blog.

  6. Have you read the books 'Night Watch' and 'Day Watch'? They would make a great setting for an MMO. Underworld or any other type of vampire style MMO, I think would also do extremely well.

    If you haven't already I recommend taking a look at Left 4 Dead. It's not an MMO, but it got a lot of zombies :)

  7. I haven't read either of those books =(.

    I have played L4D, and while it is a good game, I don't think it fully captures the Dead movies by Romero. A MMO in that type of situation*or at least an online game in general* would be fun.

    Or at the very least...filled with zombies.


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