Saturday, December 13, 2008

Richard Bartle fights World of Warcraft Torture

A few weeks ago Richard Bartle, co-author of the very first MMO known as MUD(Multi-User Dungeon), took up arms against Blizzard for the "The Art of Persuasion" quest in World of Warcraft. The quest involves using an item called a Neural Needler upon some chained up wizards to get some information. He was then immediately swarmed by trolls/flames/insults/etc in comments and emails upon his complaint toward Blizzard for the use of torture.

A week later he responded to a large number of comments, even those of the trollish variety from Kotaku. You can read his original post here and him defending his position here. I have to say a large number of the comments really make me pause about the apathy of gamers.

Author's Note - You may read my FULL post over at NegativeGamer . It's a great site...because I said so.

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