Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dream of Mirror Online - My first day..

I wish I was this cool in real life..

It seems I'm now playing another Aeria made game, Dream of Mirror Online aka DOMO. As one can see immediately, the graphics are very stylized. I'll get right into what I like and what I don't like so far then talk about my first encounter with the game in a more goofy way. Which is how I think one should play this game in general, in a goofy carefree way. I must say the game itself felt very laid back. If this changes as one proceeds further I'll have to find out personally. Anyway...

The graphics are surprising in the quality once you turn all the features full blast. While I thought the UI was a lot better than MegaTen*which is weird..Aeria games made that too..come on people!* I didn't like how I apparently I can only turn around with the camera. I know the majority of players like to strafe with their A and D keys, but I prefer to use them to turn around. I'm weird like that. The sounds were ok, nothing to write home about. The music however I didn't like in the starting area but I can turn that off. The combat was pretty simple starting right off, but fun regardless. From what I've gathered once you've hit level 10 as a commoner there is a lot more variety in combat and customizing class abilities so I'll have to reserve judgement until then.

So the game itself is pretty fun, laid back, and quirky. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a non-serious MMORPG to try to get into. Now on to my experience...

I'm too lazy to hold my knife...just like real life!

The game begins by some old guy stealing me into this dimension, which is just plain creepy. Apparently this world is some crazy mirror dimension of my previous one. So apparently it's ok to steal thousands of people from their home world to MAKE them fix yours..I think..wait...
Afterwards I'm told I will be a cold, apathetic, and just overall jerk by this old guy who calls himself a King. I really ...really...really hate this guy now.

As if he reads my mind, he gives me a knife! Yay! However I'm told to kill some pupu to prove...something. I must still be confused from the whole soul ripping experience so I agree to kill these evil Pupu and end their tyranny..


Turns out the "evil" monsters known as Pupu are cute innocent little pigs. But that's ok, I was told to do this so I can't be held accountable. After slaying a few dozens of these mini-portals of death(even though I only needed to kill 5...I was multi-tasking and forgot how many I needed to kill), I went back to the old man. I was congratulated, given some items, and sent to his daughter.

Who is truly evil incarnate.

After her useless instructions, I went to another NPC who wanted me to kill FLYING pigs. I knew now I was in one of the lower layers of the Abyss, and might see Lloth around a corner if I wasn't too careful. However I held on to my sanity in this crazy world, and made the stabbity to the flying dreadnoughts. After killing five of them(Go counting!) I returned, got some more items, and decided that was enough for the night.

So I have to say DOMO is a fun little game. More fun than I imagined it would be at first glance I must admit. While it lacks the polish of many triple A titles, I think that lends partly to the care-free attitude of the game. It's a well constructed game that really leaves you free to do what you wish. So I'm going to do what I really want to do right now...

Even in sleep...I float...I'm just that awesome.

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