Thursday, December 11, 2008

My World of Warcraft role models...

Role models in an MMORPG???

I was reading a very interesting post by Ixobella about how apparently people are saying World of Warcraft is too easy for "hardcore" raiders. Why? Because the guild Nihilum had already done all a raiding guild could do a day after the release of Wrath of the Lich King. That's right, One day later they had completed Naxxramas. Then there were two guys that apparently duo'ed a boss in Naxx all by themselves, a warrior and a paladin. So with these two facts in mind there are hosts of people screaming WoW is too easy, too catering to casuals.

But this isn't what made my vision distort from rage.

There is this quote going around...everywhere it seems now that I'm aware of it. The quote itself is filled with such narcissism that I want to start bashing heads in, immediately.

"The pro guilds are the heroes of World of Warcraft and the casual players look up to them.."

It then proceeds to talk about how unless Blizzard releases an "Epic" content patch just for the pro guilds, they will get bored and possibly quit. The reason this is such a loss*not financially to Blizzard, Hardcore guilds are roughly 5% the population* is that the casual players will LOSE THEIR ROLE MODELS. This is the ACTUAL wording these people are using!

Because two german kids exploited their way using invis pots past all the trash and made it to a boss and killed it. It took them over 3 hours and their bragging about it? Come on people, It's neat you could pull that off but to act like your role models to people because of these kind of virtual achievements is kinda disturbing.

Anyway, enough raging...these are the kinds of things that make me not play WoW anymore.

Urg...To think I used to lead raids...

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  1. It is to laugh. I played EQ, EQ2, WoW and LotR. While I was aware of who the top raiding guilds were in EQ, I have no idea for the rest. In no case, did I care, never mind 'look up to' the kids in those guilds (most of whom are probably half my age). But my husband and I, at 2 accounts each for several years, were certainly part of the prime paying portion of the population.


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